National Hunting and Fishing Day

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I love the fact that National Hunting and Fishing Day, September 22nd, comes right in the middle of the fall hunting season in Alaska. In Alaska, we’re still big into hunting for our food. We’ve got caribou season, bear season PLUS don’t even get me started on waterfowl season, all the ducks and geese are migrating this time of year too. 

National Hunting and Fishing Day

Get Outside!

What better way to enjoy nature on National Hunting and Fishing Day than to get outside and go hiking and hunting, they go hand in hand you know. While you’re out hunting or fishing be sure to look for plants to forage as well! Mushrooms are abundant this time of year and so are the berries. We’ve got boletes, puffballs, currants, raspberries, blueberries, crowberries, cranberries, and highbush cranberries, Alaska is indeed an abundant state!

National Hunting and Fishing Day

FoodSaver® GameSaver®

But what to do with all the things you’ve hunted, whether by gun or by muscles?? Did you know you honor the plants and animals you harvest when you securely package your foods? True story! So using the GameSaver® BigGame™ Vacuum Sealing System is the perfect way to keep your foods fresher longer.

National Hunting and Fishing Day

It used to be that you would spend days cutting, wrapping a packing a moose. But now the Big Game™ is here for you.  Did you know the GameSaver® Heat-Seal Bags and Rolls help prevent freezer burn by blocking moisture and oxygen? That means your hard work lasts longer. Plus you can seal up to 80 bags in a row with the Big Game™ before it needs to reheat. That’s about 240 pounds of meat, imagine how fast a caribou would go with a big Game Saver.

And one of the coolest parts of the Big Game™ is that it’s portable!  It has an easy to carry handle which makes taking it with you a breeze. The Big Game™ also comes with a 12 Volt DC adaptable plug which means you can use it in your truck, RV, boat or camper. So if getting your fish put up fast is a priority the Big Game™ is for you.


GameSaver® Big Game™

What a time saver too! In my experience, the best way to pack your meat is to host a work party and get a workflow going. One person cuts primal cuts; one person trims one person packs and one person seals. The perfect way to have a party with a purpose.

Foraged Foods!

What if you get skunked hunting or fishing and you’re just putting up the berries or mushrooms you found? Well, there’s probably a lot less work involved, but it’s just important to save your foods. If you have mushrooms, it’s nice to dry them and then vacuum seal them in bags portioned for your family.

National Hunting and Fishing Day

For berries, I prefer to either process for jelly by cooking down and then freezing OR freezing them in the proportions needed for a batch of jam or jelly that way when the season slows down you are ready to make jam and jelly when you have time. It’s a lovely way to spend a snowy day making jam. Hey, get wild make some fresh bread too.

So what are your plans for National Hunting and Fishing Day? Hiking? Hunting? Foraging? For our family I think we’re going fishing, it’s going to be beautiful out there this time of year! Be sure to look at the Alaska Hunting Regulations before you head out hunting though! Whatever you do I urge you to put down your phone or laptop, get outside, get a deep breath of clean, fresh air and go fishing or hunting. You’ll be enjoying the bounty of our earth, and the beauty as well.

National Hunting and Fishing Day


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