Hello friends and welcome to “almost the weekend” Friday! It’s been cold up here the last few days and before that we got a lot of fresh snow. Doesn’t look like spring is coming anytime soon, we’re good with that. You know what happened this week? Our furnace went out! Yep, we woke up to no heat on Monday morning. Luckily my son is a plumber and he was able to spend the time to fix it. Before you ask, yes we pay him, I want him to know his worth. And he should also know that when your heat is out, he is worth MORE!

One of my posts this week was definitely inspired by the Friday Frenzy. My post for How to Make Wool Mittens from Old Wool Sweaters was inspired by this gorgeous warm cowl by Lilia Craft Party. Thanks for the NUDGE Lilia, to get it posted!

One more thing, this week has somehow turned into a GIVEAWAY WEEK!

  1. Giveaway ONE *5* 100 dollar gift cards to Walmart ends March 6th
  2. Giveaway TWO is for an AIR FRYER ends March 4th
  3. Giveaway THREE is for cold hard cash 300 dollars ends March 15th



Friday Frenzy

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Happy Fridayyyyyy! Chef Sarah Elizabeth here bringing you this week’s Friday Frenzy. We are currently planning Katie’s 8th birthday party, so all my features below are birthday party inspiration! She loves mac and cheese, and who doesn’t love chocolate cake?! Good thing we have 2 to choose from. Check out this week’s favorites, then keep on scrolling and link up your own recipes and crafts!

The Best Chocolate Cake from Kelly Lynn’s Sweets and Treats

Bacon Cheddar Breaded Chicken Tenders from The Saucy Southerner

DIY Pom Pom Rainbow Art from White House Crafts

No Boil Baked Mac and Cheese from Cooking with Carlee

Chocolate Protein Birthday Cake from Reviews, Chews & How-Tos