TouchNote Makes it Easy to Stay in Touch

This is a sponsored post brought to you by TouchNote, all opinions are mine. TouchNote Makes it Easy to Stay in Touch.

TouchNote Makes it Easy to Stay in Touch

I may have found the most perfect app for myself, Touchnote. And no, not just because they are the kind sponsor of this post, but because they can make me look amazing. And they do it in no time at all. With TouchNote I can send cute photo snapshots to family to let them know I’m thinking of them, exactly WHEN I’m thinking of them. Which makes it perfect for busy moms and dads on the go. With TouchNote the hardest part process is picking the photo you want to send, but don’t worry about that they got you covered there too. TouchNote makes it easy to stay in touch, even for someone like me, who’s coming while they’re going!



TouchNote is an app you download to your phone, it’s also so much more than that. It’s a miracle worker because it helps me stay in touch when I’m thinking about it. Here’s my big problem with cards or even posts cards, I never remember to buy them. And if by some twist of fate I manage to BUY them, I will definitely forget to send them. I always find them a month after it would have been smart to send them.

My sister on the other hand is an excellent card sender, she never forgets a special occasion for any one in our family. She deserves better than me, the card forgetter. Now TouchNote helps me express what I’m feeling right when I’m feeling it and I can send that love right back to her! Here’s a shot of a card I made and sent to both my mom AND my sister, this is us last year on the Orca Quest Cruise we went on together. Such a fun day and now that memory is a card that says I LOVE US!

TouchNote Card

Now I look AMAZING

Now I look as amazing as my sister! My mom winters in Arizona and I really want to stay in touch with more that just texts and emails, I want her to see her grandkids. It’s been a tough few years but along came TouchNote and suddenly it’s so much easier to send photos. In fact I’m suddenly that responsible daughter who sends a Valentine’s Day card WITH A picture of all of us together from last summer. And it arrives before Valentine’s Day. Not in early March. It helps me express what I’m feeling right when I’m feeling it. For me TouchNote Makes it Easy to Stay in Touch, how do YOU stay in touch?

So Easy To Use

It seriously IS easy to use. I’ll walk you through the steps:

  1. get the free app from the App Store
  2. create your account
  3. add credits
  4. send cards by following the screen prompts, select a photo, add your text, choose your recipients and TouchNote does the rest
It get’s better and better!

And I can send another one whenever I snap a great photo to share. Or photos my friends, you can put a collage of your favorites on a card too, I love that feature. I can send a simple postcard of a trip we took together or I can send a true greeting card, even a photo book if I’m so inclined! Anyone who knows me will know that’s some big news. I have such good intentions and then I get busy, the card gets lost and then the moment has passed me by. Not anymore though, now that I’ve got TouchNote on my phone, and in the mail.


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