Make Monster Doughnuts for Valentine’s Day

Make Monster Doughnuts for Valentine’s Day

My kids are both past the age of having to take Valentine’s Day Cards to school. I’m alternately sad and happy about this turn of events. I LOVE making homemade valentines but  my kids were not that into it. So while I miss it, there’s peace in our house this year leading up to Valentine’s Day. Which is obviously WHY everywhere I look I get inspired to make Valentines and Valentine’s Treats. I was returning something to the grocery store the other day and as I walked past an aisle I saw these hilarious Lip Pops by Flix Candy and immediately thought I could make monster doughnuts for Valentine’s Day out of those. So I just did it. And surprised everyone with them after dinner last night.

These Monster Doughnuts are so silly and super easy to make literally anyone COULD make them. Add a little name tag to them IF you need to make one for every kid. Or just let your kids hand out doughnuts to everyone and call it good. Maybe send them in a ziploc if they’re supposed to taken home and eaten, that way teachers aren’t annoyed with you.

Make Monster Doughnuts for Valentine's Day

How to Make Monster Doughnuts for Valentine’s Day

You will need: 

  • Kissy Lips Pops by Flix Candy
  • a matching amount of doughnuts, I think raised worked better than old fashioned, find ones that will fit the sucker part of the Kissy Lips Pops
  • something for eyes, I used white chocolate chips with small disk cookie decorations but I think Monster Eyes by Wilton would be better
  • small tubes of frosting or gel for attaching eyes

To Make:

  1. open Kissy Lips, discard the paper heart
  2. trim the plastic on the pop with scissors, just enough to keep it from interfering with the eyeballs
  3. push a kissy lips into the hole on the doughnut, figuring out which way looks best
  4. attach eyes using frosting or gel as necessary, place eyes in various silly positions


Told you they were EASY! And fun!

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