Pancakes in Jars

Pancakes in Jars

Number one requested breakfast item in my house? Pancakes. Number one pain in the butt to make when I’m barely awake in the morning? Pancakes. BUT this little recipe for Pancakes in Jars makes any morning, a pancake morning. Don’t you want an easier breakfast routine? Don’t you want a pantry filled with food that your family wants to eat? Yes you do, so make a quad batch of these jars and get it done. Also? LESS DISHES. Okay then, let’s do this.

Pancakes in Jars--easy make ahead breakfast

First of all pancakes are NOT a huge deal to make, let’s just get that out of the way first.  BUT when I’m still sleepy, my kids need to eat, I love to reach for a jar of pancake mix because hello easy X less dishes! I was inspired to make these after seeing 5 dollar jugs of pancake mix in the store. I couldn’t pull the trigger on that mix but I thought I COULD make something like that at home. And I was right! And they’re so easy to make. And so easy to use! And no measuring while I’m still half asleep.

Store Bought Pancake Mix in Jars

And lets take a look at those mix and pour pancake jugs. First of all they run at about 35 to 55 cents an ounce. That’s roughly 5.60 to 8.80 a pound. Even organic, grist milled flour runs about 4.25 A POUND. And you can bet you’re not getting organic grist milled flour in those jugs. Plus it’s just a one use jug. And here in Alaska, where it costs money to have recycling picked up OR you have to haul it yourself, those little jugs seem really unfriendly. Sure I’d probably use it for something else or else I’d be stuck recycling. IF they’re even recyclable. IF. That’s a big one because up here we they don’t accept all kinds of plastic at the recycle center.

Make these Pancakes in Jars to save money and save time and save the environment and save your sanity. Or just make them because you like pancakes. Whatever works for you.

Pancakes in Jars

Pancakes in Jars--easy make ahead breakfast

Pancakes in Jars are easy to mix up ahead of time, stock in the pantry and use when you need a quick and easy breakfast with little to no measuring. The first part of the recipe is for the dry ingredients portion of the pancake mix. The wet ingredients for this recipe are added later and are listed in the recipe directions.

Prep Time 15 minutes
Total Time 15 minutes


  • 2 TBSP Sugar
  • 1/2 tsp salt
  • 2 tsp baking soda
  • 2 cups all purpose flour


  1. using a canning funnel add the sugar, salt and baking soda in a pint jar
  2. shake to settle them and then slowly add the flour, shaking to settle it and make room for all the flour
  3. To Make Pancakes: pour the dry ingredients in a mixing bowl, give them a stir to make sure they are evenly distributed
  4. using the jar as your measuring cup fill to the bottom of the mouth of the jar, right where it goes from jar to screw band area, with milk, 2 cups, pour over the flour
  5. again using the jar as a measuring cup measuring out a quarter cup of vegetable oil (or melted butter), half way to the first line on the jar
  6. add two eggs to the jar and shake to mix together
  7. pour in with the milk, stir to combine and then mix until almost smooth
  8. cook panckaes as desired, either on a griddle or in a frying pan, butter the pan to prevent sticking


  • you will need clean pint jars for this recipe, look for jars with lines on the side, those are measuring lines and they work well for this recipe
  • the amounts listed make ONE jar of mix but I like to make 4-5 at a time to have them on hand
  • for EACH jar of pancake mix you will need one pint jar
  • the dry ingredients are listed, the wet ingredients are listed in the directions and you only add them when making pancakes

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