Laura VS MRSA Part Two

Laura VS MRSA Part Two

You know you wanted to hear how that MRSA infection ended didn’t you?! So last week or the week before I shared how I’d been diagnosed with a MRSA infection  if you haven’t read that then this second part Laura VS MRSA Part Two isn’t going to be particularly interesting to you. Or you can just read this and figure out the first part of the story. When I left off I’d been diagnosed with MRSA but was still stuck in Seattle, alone sick and scared.

Laura VS MRSA part 2

Getting Home

Obviously I made it home right? Ok, so on top of losing ALL my airfare for the ill fated trip to New Orleans, I also had to pay for a hotel room AND buy a new ticket home. Neither Delta, Alaska Airlines OR Priceline would refund my ticket or rebook me on another flight without exorbitant fees. Delta basically said NO WAY because I’d booked my ticket through Priceline. Alaska said because I’d booked online and didn’t choose the flight protection I had to pay 175 rebooking fee, which I eventually did because it was such a high priced ticket to begin with. I love Alaska Airlines but I feel extremely let down by them during my sickness. When I called and let them know what was going on they said I could rebook my ticket PLUS pay the difference in ticket price which was 300+ dollars, so I just paid the 175 dollar fee to put that ticket in my E-wallet and use it later.  Priceline dropped me like a hot potato, which I should have known would happen. Seriously they deal in cheap flights why would they offer ANY type of customer service?

Thanks for Nothing

Anyway after ALL the wrangling over the phone and online I was out of choices. I HAD to book something because good grief WHO knew when I’d be well enough to fly again? One more time I scrolled the AK airlines website and this time I tried the “book with miles” button. Miracle of Miracles I found a oneway flight to Anchorage that was only 12,500 miles and it was at the perfect time and it had a seat available. I didn’t even confirm I could get a ride home, I booked it and assumed I’d figure it out. I’m still so shocked at the way someone who was truly sick was treated by Alaska Airlines, Delta Airlines AND Priceline, I can’t believe how much money I lost on flights. Unbelievable. But I’d figure out a way to get home so all I had to do was: GET to the airport, GET on the plane, NOT have my foot be in any pain.

Going Home

I checked out of my sweet little hotel in Burien and took an Uber to the airport. Once there the Alaska Airlines Agents would NOT hear of me limping to my gate. They took my bags, cut me to front of the line, put me in a wheelchair and walked me straight through to the front of the line for the TSA. It felt weird to “cut” but I’d never felt grumpy about anyone in a wheelchair cutting in front of me so I just decided to roll with it. (See what I did there?) My flight was on time, I boarded early and flew home with NO complications but I knew once I got home the real work would begin. How to manage a household while lying flat on my back with my foot above my heart.

Letting Go

Truth is I didn’t manage it. My husband did. My friends did. My family did. My sister picked me up from the airport and drove me home. My husband and boys had just gotten home from a Boy Scout Campout and we all met at home. I was immediately ordered to put my foot up. Which I did but not before completely SANITIZING the bathroom and instructing everyone to wash their hands before eating, before getting into food, basically before and after everything. Then I commenced to laying down. Which I did for almost two weeks. Flat on my back with my foot up on pillows over my heart. Day in, day out. Oh don’t worry I have a Netflix binge list coming up for anyone stuck on bedrest.

I was TOO afraid not to follow the doctors orders so I spent that time on my back. I also had to clean and pack the wound. I had to lay in bed while my kids got ready for school. I had to stay in bed while friends drove them home. I had to stay in bed when I SHOULD have been organizing and pulling off a charity auction. I had to let my friends and family catch me as I dropped everything and fell to the safety of their arms. I don’t think we cooked for two weeks, we had so many dishes and freezer meals dropped off for us. I wish I could have afforded to hire a cleaning service but even if we could have had one, I’d have been afraid of making them sick. Because as it was I was afraid of making my family sick.

I became a sanitizing clean freak. I demanded people wash their hands after being near me. Or touching me. I wiped the toilet down before and after I used it. I told everyone to use the hot water setting on our washer. I bleached the tub to within an inch of it’s life after I soaked my foot. I thought perhaps it was a little overkill but once I mentioned what I was doing to protect my family (and myself) to the dr I was seeing locally he said I was doing it right and maybe even step it up a little. Like cover any wounds with bandages and bacitracin, and put a little in my nose in case I somehow got MRSA up my nose? I don’t know but somehow we came through all of this without anyone else coming down with it. Yet. Apparently there is still a chance I could have recurring MRSA infections.

So it’s been 5 weeks since I initially saw my Urgent Care Dr and packed up to head to New Orleans. Of those 5 weeks I spent 4 of them in a Surgery Shoe and only just recently quit wearing it because I kept scooping up snow in it, brrrrrrr. I soaked, cleaned and packed my wound twice a day until a real scab formed and now I just soak it occasionally. I limp now, I’m not sure why, but I do once in a while, I think it’s when I’m tired and my foot starts to ache. My foot is sore too from lack of arch support, and then suddenly wearing shoes with arch support. Just in general the entire top of my foot is very tender so I still wear a gauze pad over it to keep it from being rubbed too hard.

I’m stunningly in AWE of the support we received as a family from our friends and our community. So many reached out to help, some didn’t reach out they just gave, some offered but I often got overwhelmed and said we were fine. And we were. Or we will be. I think I have about 6 weeks of recuperation ahead of me, it’s been a scary unsettling time for me, for us really, and now that I’m done being actively sick I have to keep resting and recovering and getting my health back. Who knew? I’ve never really been sick before so it’s ALL new to me.

about those meals

I’m 100% committed to putting more meals in my freezer to give out to families in need. There is nothing nicer than having a hot dinner to feed your family when everyone feels a little off and out of sorts. Just knowing kids will get a hot meal and my husband didn’t need to cook meant the world to me. I want to give that to other families as well. So while I may have NOT quite got to my goal of giving 52 meals this year, I am planning to recommit and make it happen in 2018.

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