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Kroger Clicklist is Now Available in Alaska

This is a sponsored post and giveaway on behalf of Kroger/Fred Meyer and Clicklist all thoughts are my own.

Kroger Clicklist is Now Available in Alaska

Shopping in Alaska just got a lot more convenient! Some days in Alaska you just don’t want to go grocery shopping, yet your fridge is empty and people are depending on you to feed them. What if I told you that you could shop from home, pick up curbside and never step foot in the grocery store? Well Alaska you can do that because Kroger Clicklist is Now Available in Alaska at FOUR Fred Meyer Stores.

Clicklist Now Available in Alaska

Clicklist is EASY to Use

You simply point your browser to the Fred Meyer web page and login. If you don’t have an account you’ll need to set one up. Do that first before trying to use Clicklist. Once you’ve set up an account your simply click through Order Online and then hit Clicklist Pick Up At Store.

If you’re in a hurry you can reserve a pick up time before you start shopping so you can pick up at YOUR earliest convenient time. After that it’s as easy as going through your shopping list and selecting items online. Once you’re done, you follow the easy check out directions, reserve a pick up time (if you haven’t already) and that’s it. To pick up you follow the signs to the Clicklist parking spots, pick on, call the number listed on the spot and wait. When they rolled out with my order I popped out and opened the trunk, got my groceries loaded, picked up my receipt and I was off.

Clicklist is for Everyone

I’m so excited about Clicklist because it’s NOT just for moms. Yes, it’s perfect for moms with little kids, of course who wouldn’t want to skip the store if you’ve got little ones who need a nap. But what about if you have sick kids? Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to make an order and have someone ELSE pick it up. Or maybe YOU’RE sick and you just can’t face the store. Or you don’t have time to hit the store because you spent too much time at the gym yet your dog is out of food. There are so many scenarios that work perfectly with Clicklist that I’m sure we all fit in the there somewhere.

Especially in Alaska

But in Alaska we also have ANOTHER contributing factor to the very long list of reasosn we might need to use Clicklist. THE WEATHER. Yep I said it. Sometimes your grocery shopping day and a giant snowstorm or windstorm collide. Sure we all try to keep a stocked pantry but sometimes you just run out of essentials and it might coincide with a snowstorm. Imagine pulling up, getting all your groceries loaded in your car and never having to bundle up against the weather. Wouldn’t that be nice? What about those gorgeous sunny days though? Who wants to go shopping then? Wouldn’t you rather be fishing? or hiking? or biking? Just think about how nice it would be to swing in after a long day spent outside and get all the groceries you ordered packed in your car for you!

I am so excited about Clicklist because it’s SO simple to use. And I think it has the potential to be a very powerful tool for busy parents, sick families, elderly friends, or anyone else who needs a different way to shop. Or for anyone who needs to beat the weather. Living in Alaska we rarely get to do that so we’ll take it every chance we can get, right?

Win a Gift Card to Try It Yourself!

Want to try Clicklist for yourself? You are in luck friends! I’m giving away a 50 Dollar Gift Card so someone can try out Clicklist FOR FREE. You can enter via the widget below.

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