Brinner For Life #brinner4life

I have a weird habit I’ve gotten into in the last 4 months or so; I’ve been systematically making breakfast for dinner on the Thursday night before payday. So every 2 weeks, breakfast for dinner. Or as I call it, and lots of other folks call it too, brinner. Breakfast/Dinner, Brinner For Life seriously. I posted a little blip about it on Facebook last week saying I love breakfast for dinner and how my husband hates it and ended up being an interesting conversation.

Brinner Breakfast Dinner is the best


My personal reasons for being team Brinner for Life are many. Such as, it’s as easy or complicated a meal as I like to make it. Plus I don’t really like to eat first thing in the morning so I rarely eat a “real breakfast”.  And finally you can add all those leftovers together to make a spectacular egg dish AND clean out the fridge at the same time. What about you, are you Brinner For Life or Breakfast for Breakfast?

Brinner can be Easy or Complicated

Brinner can be as complicated or as easy as you like it to be. Want eggs, frozen waffles and coffee? GET IT DONE. Want a breakfast casserole cooking in the crock pot and microwave bacon? DO IT. Want to make homemade waffles that take an hour? Good set your kids to making them while you whip up a souffle and a fruit salad Quick, easy, slow hard, there is no wrong way with breakfast for dinner. Case in point last week I made a few slices of bacon, a couple sausages, a huge fritatta and fresh biscuits for dinner, so I went the easy and hard route.

breakfast foods when I can enjoy them

I can enjoy breakfast foods for dinner! I’ve never been one to eat first thing in the morning. I could hardly choke down breakfast as a child and often times just ate enough to get me out of eating it. It just made me sick but I tried and my mom was good about it, she understood and never forced food down my throat on school days. But come Sunday morning when we’d get up later and my dad was cooking, well then I’d eat because we never ate before ten am. Which as an adult is about the first time in the day when I feel like eating. Hmmmm some things never change.

fridge clean out

And finally it’s such a perfect way to get ready for a fridge clean out in anticipation of a Coscto run, which is what happens right before payday. I dig out the leftovers, the bits of shredded cheese, the fruit that needs to be eaten. The bread that’s a bit stale but toast it and who cares, right? When you shop Costco every two weeks, you have to be strategic about what you eat, make sure you eat it before it turns or Coscto just isn’t worth the time and energy. If I’m letting food go to waste, we’re wasting our food dollars AND we’re still hungry. I manage my fridge like I manage my bills, I use things strategically before they become a liability.

This last part is more of the ‘working your pantry’ idea I floated the other day in my Red Pepper Tapenade Post. I keep a full pantry and make sure to work it by eating things I have a lot of or conserving items we need for a meal down the road. Stock it full, yet eat from it, work it and make it work for you.In Alaska I have to be prepared for everything or anything or worse yet nothing, that’s when the pantry is most valuable.

I manage my fridge like I manage my bills, I use things strategically before they become a liability Click To Tweet


So what about you? I know I asked before but I really DO want to know; Team Brinner or Team Breakfast is Breakfast??