is a woman. I blurted that out before my kids had even fully awakened from a night of backyard camping. We’d been talking about who the next the Doctor was going to be for a few weeks now, as it became apparent that the current doctor was done. We started watching Doctor Who last fall and have slowly, ok and not so slowly, chugged our way through all the of the episodes since the reboot. We’d gone through favorite Doctors, regenerations, new companions and unfavorite Doctors, always with the knowledge that we could just watch the next episode. But now here we are caught up to the series and waiting like everyone else to see WHO would be announced as the new Doctor.


We heard rumors. A red head. A woman. Oh THAT guy? he doesn’t look like a Doctor. And finally the day came that they were announcing the new Doctor. My kids were yard camping and had been in and out of the house a couple of times already when I finally just got up and started coffee, I was wide awake. They were still half asleep by the time I was fully caffeinated and had read the news. I dropped the news that a new Doctor had FINALLY been announced. And I said rather gleefully that it was a woman. I thought for sure there might be some pushback. They are boys for goodness sake, wouldn’t they WANT the new Doctor to ALSO be a guy?

Did they EVEN NOTICE what I said? I think they said something along the lines of AWESOME but what they really wanted to discuss was: Would Nardole still be a companion? Would Bill come back? Were they still stuck on that ship at the edge of the black hole? Was Missy really dead? Where was the Doctor regenerating? And how come the key seemed to apparate into her hand?

I thought maybe lack of sleep and food might have swayed their thoughts on doubting if a woman can handle being the doctor so I asked them point blank at dinner. “no really tell me what you think about the Doctor being a woman.” The answers I got were as varied as the ones I got in the morning. So I asked “does it bother you that a woman was chosen as the Doctor?” “WHATwhy?? The master regenerated as a woman, it’s possible you know mom! Why WOULDN’T the doctor be a woman??” Almost accusingly, as if I was the doubter. As if I were the one saying a woman shouldn’t be the doctor. HA!

I’m the lucky one

I do stay home with kids, I do take a more traditional role in our home but that doesn’t mean our boys even fathom that woman and girls can’t BE WHAT THEY WANT TO BE. We happen to believe that ONE of us needs be the person who stays home with kids and because my husband has a rather nice job in the local government, I was the lucky one. Yes LUCKY because I get to stay home and raise thoughtful, kind, children who understand that I make that choice but it’s not the only choice there is for me. Or for their future wives. Or their future daughters.

13th doctor

So am I upset the new Doctor is a woman? Not one bit. Is my houseful of boys upset? Not one bit. What they really want to know is will Bill come back? Will Nardole still be a companion. And are they still stuck on that space ship at the edge of a blackhole. Is The Master/Missy really gone? That the Doctor is a woman is the very least of their concerns, and my concerns, and I think my job, today, as a mom of boys has been served a MAJOR WIN. And I’m going to take that win, hold it like a shield in front of me and use it to shield US from the utter nonsense that has taken over when the next Doctor was announced.