Have you ever attended a Food Swap? Have you ever wondered what kind of food you might find there? Or what it looks like as folks get set up and start visiting? It may seem like it would be intimidating to come to your first swap but rest assured, if you LOVE food and you walk into a room full of other people who also LOVE food you’re to find something to talk about. At out last swap I recorded a few live Facebook sessions and spliced them together to give you feel for what a swap is like. I hope this quick informative post and video give you a little food (HA!) for thought. And if you need more details on Palmer Food Swap find us on Facebook or check out this informational post.¬†

Palmer Food Swap is Growing!

I just hosted the 23rd Palmer Food Swap last Saturday and it was absolutely a blast. The last few months Palmer Food Swap has been growing and gaining new swappers at a steady rate. We had our biggest swap last weekend with I think 20 swappers, plus their helpers/kids/spouses/friends, and we darn near filled our space.¬†There were so many unique and interesting foods too. Like homemade tortillas! And Moose Meat Taco Soup. Garden fresh veggies and herbs. Possibly the best Kombucha I’ve EVER tasted. And so much more.

This video was recorded during the meet and greet portion of the swap and directly after the swap as well. It was live with no script or prompting, just wandering through and checking things out. I want you to specifically notice that no one is a chef, no one is a professional, we’re all just people who live food,

I hope that video and this post inspire you to attend a food swap in your area, they are SO much fun. If you live in South Central Alaska and you’re interested in swapping please join us for our next swap in August. We always swap the second Saturday of the month, in August that date is the 12th. So Saturday August 12th at 10 AM at The Annex in Palmer Alaska will be our next swap. This swap will have a bit of a theme to it, I’m calling it our “Blue Ribbon Swap”, it’s our 2 year anniversary and it’s right before the start of the Alaska State Fair so it’s going to be extra special. I invite you to join us, bring your BEST swap items and help us celebrate our 2 year anniversary.