Non-Food Items I Love to Stockpile

I don’t really think of myself as a stockpiler or a prepper but I do live in Alaska and the LAST thing I want to do is discover I’m out of something I want or need. So keeping my pantry stocked with food items is important to me. But what about those Non-Food Items? Yeah those things you’re not going to eat but they make life SO MUCH MORE bearable. I can’t imagine my life without my pantry being stocked with all the Non-Food Items I Love to Stockpile.

This is my list of the things I’ll almost always buy if I see them on sale at a great price. Paying half price when I don’t need an item is preferable to being OUT of said item and having to paying full price and driving to the store to get it. I don’t like to jump in the car and just drive off for one little thing. Often that one little thing often turns into the 20 dollars worth of stuff PLUS the one little thing. I know myself well enough by now.

Non-Food Items I Love to Stockpile


  • Toilet Paper-I will buy clearance toilet paper anytime and every time–I currently have about 30 rolls stocked up but I’d buy more tomorrow if I found it cheap enough
  • Kleenex–cold and flu season is no time to be wiping my nose with toilet paper (OUCH)
  • Paper Plates-we might only use them 2-3 times a year but I want to keep them on hand–plus? you never know when the power will go out and who wants to wash a bunch of plates after it comes back on?
  • Dish Soap-it can be used in a pinch for hand soap pumps as well it’s like a twofer
  • Plastic Baggies-all sizes and type-we don’t use a LOT of them but when I need one I NEED ONE
  • Office Supplies–so many but I think I’ll lump them in one place things like tape, tacks, rubber bands, notebook paper, pencils, small folders–I don’t keep a LOT of them but enough to pacify any homework needs
  • Bandages-I will happily buy any first aid supplies any time all the time–have you met my sons?
  • Batteries-I keep a good supply of batteries on hand, the kind that fit portable flashlights, the kind we need to electric lanterns, the kind my kids seem to need on a daily basis-sometimes they discount when the packaging changes, sometimes it’s just a free for all buy one get one free sort of deal

So that’s my list of things I’ll almost always buy on sale. What about you? What STOPS you in your tracks and makes you calculate how much you can afford to buy today?