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Somewhere, somehow, when I wasn’t looking the invitation, announcement and business card market changed for the better. It used to be so simple like “do I want blue or pink baby announcements”, or “are my party invitations post card style or folded” but those are no longer the only decisions you’ll be making. I guess I was stuck back in 1983? Imagine my surprise when I checked out the Basic Invite website. I was kind of blown away by what people can make these days, maybe I’m late to the game, or maybe Alaska is just so far behind the times? Whatever the reason I didn’t know printed paper goods were so beautiful.

Consider me schooled!

I was so impressed with the beautiful products on the Basic Invite website, like their birth announcements and their thank you cards, that I asked if I could check out some of their business cards. I figured that if I’m going to be participating in a panel at IFBC in September, (oh did I tell you that? well I AM!) I need to be prepared for meeting new people, new businesses, new contacts, and I’d like to have a card that stands out from the rest. Simple is what I was looking for but you don’t have to choose simple when you use Basic Invite.

basic invite cards


Basic Invite got the job done my friends. Look at these cards, so clean, so fresh, so exactly the feeling I want to convey. I simply went through their straight forward site, chose my design, picked my colors, ordered and boom I was done. Talk about easy! Although I will confess I did spent a few days perusing the site before ordering. If I were a better decision maker it would have been much quicker. 3 days after hitting the order now button, giving my cards a final once over, I was holding my beautiful new business cards in my hand. THREE DAYS to Alaska, almost unheard of!

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