Alaska State Fair Exhibit Entry Dates 2017

Wool sock for the Alaska State Fair

Why am I knitting a wool sock in the MIDDLE OF THE SUMMER? That is a totally LEGIT question and one I’ve asked myself multiple times since I cast on this sock. But I have a good reason to knit in the middle of the summer, the fair is coming. And in true “Laura Fashion” I loudly and proudly proclaimed that everyone in our family was going to enter something in the fair on New Year’s Day. We were going to be exhibitors. One of us usually gets it together enough to enter something in the fair but this year is the year ¬†for our entire family to enter a project, something they’ve made. (Please note that the fair is one month away and I have JUST cast on my first sock, after having procrastinated for 8 months.)

The Alaska State Fair is really about a month away and many exhibit entries are actually due much earlier, some as early as August 11th. So my time for getting this pair of socks done is relatively short, like 2 weeks. Give or take. I can do this, I know I can!

Don’t you want to enter items in the Alaska State Fair too? There are SO MANY things you can enter, from home brew, to rabbits, to crochet doilies, to dollhouses, to recycled crafts. There is truly a category for everyone. And separate divisions for all different age groups, so you’re truly competing against people just like you.

What else is due when at the Alaska State Fair? Check out my handy graphic and please do share it far and wide. I would love to see more exhibits at the fair this year. And for more information and ALL the details you might need check out the Alaska State Fair online.

2017 ALASKA STATE FAIR entry dates