yes let’s talk about that photo from the 4th of July. This one from Instagram right here:


And it’s caption. “Digging deep for a little appreciation today. We’ve been busting our humps updating our son’s room only to wake up and find out our well pump went out in the night. We pulled it by hand (80 feet!) found the wire was broken (how???) and we’re off to get supplies and fix it. So thankful @loweshomeimprovement is open and has everything we need, thankful for a stack of paper plates, enough clean clothes to get us through, the five gallon toilet bucket, and a husband who isn’t afraid to fix anything and his dad who came right over to help us weed through the trouble shooting. I’m thankful for all the things we DO have and I won’t be dwelling on how my life doesn’t look like anyone else’s life. Oh and my peonies bloomed.”

I was feeling that at the time, like everyone else was posting shots of their adorable kids, in front of perfect parades or fireworks, and my life was down the drain. And finally, for once, I was ok with it. I mean to say I was ok with my life blowing up in front of my face and I was still holding it together. Trying to hold it together for my kids, for my husband, for my own sanity. I really wanted to kick our wellhead, stomp off and eat a pound of chocolate by myself but that never solves anything.

Staying Positive

Instead we made a pact, over the a cup of coffee, to stay positive about the situation. We figured out what our plan of attack was, and got to work because when you’re called to be an adult you have to be an adult. And our kids were watching.

Here’s what happened to cause our well to go out. Our water tasted a little funky on Monday night so we decided to bleach our well. Something we’ve done before. So we opened the well cap and poured in a little bleach and went to bed. In the morning we started running water to get that bleach through our system and dispersed. Except after 30 seconds our faucet went dry. A little digging showed us the breaker was flipped off and kept flipping when we tried to reset it. My husband, a master trouble shooter, did a little researching and long story short we pulled our well pump, by hand, because we believed we had a short in a wire.

When we pulled it we found not a short but a broken wire, that we probably jiggled loose when we opened the well cap. It appeared to have been frayed and opening the well snapped it clean through. But we ALSO found that the fitting attached to our well pump down there had a 3 large holes in it. Which meant our water was pumping up and then part of it was draining away before it got to our house. What a waste of electricity. In the end my husband made a run to Lowe’s, his dad came to help and we (they) rewired the pump and we all worked together to drop the pump back in our well 80 feet down.

We’re thankful!

It COULD have been so much worse. Our well could have run dry. We might have had an electrical fire. We could have been negative and nasty and grumpy about the situation and completely lost it in front of our kids. Lets face it, we’ve all been there(some of us MORE than others, AHEM) but something made us double down yesterday and hold it together. And at the end of the day, or maybe it was this morning, we realized what an epic leap we’d made, crushing blows don’t have to crush us. Sure our holidays weren’t perfectly polished, red white ‘n blue affairs, but we kind of feel like we kicked ass on multiple levels, all while smiling.