Palmer Food Swap is coming up on it’s SECOND anniversary in August. I cant believe almost two years have been and gone since I decided to start this foodie project. In those two years I’ve met and swapped with some wonderful people. Made some amazing new friends who I probably never would have gotten to know if it hadn’t been for food swap. And I been on the receiving end of some sweet swaps.

Palmer Food Swap

If you don’t know what Palmer Food Swap is ALL about here’s a bit of a recap: You can sign up for the email list reminder here and 10 days before the swap I will send out a Little House Big Alaska newsletter with all the swap information in it. On the day of the swap you show up at the location with your homemade swap items, meet like minded food lovers, sample their wares and then when it’s time you make swapping deals. You can more information on the Food Swap tab.

June’s Palmer Food Swap

In one word? AMAZING.


Palmer Food Swap June


Because of our local heritage celebration, Colony Days, is celebrated on our normal 2nd Saturday swap day, we swapped mid week this month and we had a huge turn out.

Lots of new faces.

Lots great swap items.

And so much fun.


I even had a dedicated clean up crew who stayed to vacuum and they went so far as to wash all the dishes in the sink at the Annex. I’ve got great swappers, you should come and join us! Again you sign up here to receive the Little House Big Alaska newsletter which will come out about 10 days before the each swap and contain all the swap details.