Who made it to the theaters this weekend to see Cars 3? I know we didn’t because it was the first weekend in a long time where we didn’t have to be somewhere, doing something. We decided to just stay home and completely unplug. It felt good to relax a bit but I’m kind of bummed we missed out on the opening weekend of the newest Pixar movie,

Cars 3


From what I’ve seen from fellow friends and bloggers who have been to see Cars 3, it was a huge hit. Check out Sarah’s and Bert’s Posts to read what I’m talking about. Both of their reviews make me want to rush right out to the movie theater. Forget the new puppy, forget unplugging, forget the kids and their schedules, just let me go!

FREE Cars 3 Activity Pack Printables

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But since we didn’t get to go this weekend, and I can’t shirk duty this week, I thought I’d at least pass along this awesome printable Cars 3 Activity Pack. You have games, mazes, recipes, and so much more, click the links, print them or download for later and be sure to share with your friends. Most of these are a little too young for my boys but I’m going to print them out and leave them at the local hospital for kids who need something to take their mind off why they’re there.