Low Carb Snacks for Road Trips

Changing your diet drastically means even the SMALLEST parts of your life change. Low Carb Life now entails rethinking every bite, every meal, every snack at home but what about when you’re traveling? Or harder yet, road tripping where snacking is 75% of the fun?? I’ve figured out how I’m packing my snacking and taking it with me on my first road trip since my diagnosis. Check it out!


Low Carb Snacks for Road Trips

I’ve got a road trip coming up and one of my “must have” “go to” snacks for road trips is red licorice. Guess what isn’t approved for a Low Carb Diet?? RED LICORICE! The horrors. I’ve known this trip to is coming up for a while now and I’ve been plotting about what I WILL bring on the trip. This will be my first time driving for more than an hour since being diagnosed as Borderline Insulin Resistant/Pre-Diabetic and my snacking has to be spot or you’ll find me at the first roadside bakery with a donut in one hand and croissant in the other with a frappucino wedged in my drink holder.

Low Carb Snacking on the Road?

Let’s Do It!

I plan to take a PlayMate cooler to hold perishable things because it expands my snacking repertoire. It looks like this (affiliate link)

Cooler Contents Will Include:

  • extra water, everyone will have their own water bottle filled before we leave home as well
  • LaCroix Sparkling Waters, they feel like soda treat but contain no sugar, no caffein, no sodium
  • hard boiled eggs
  • sliced cheeses, probably Jarlsberg and some sharp cheddar, mozzarella for kids
  • one serving of baby carrots with sriracha-naise for me to split over two days, probably more for kids as well
  • sliced apples (served with almond butter)
  • olives of various types

I also plan to carry a dry box, lunch box thing with non-perishables.

Dry Box:

Because we have a non-diabetic teenager and a Type 1 Diabetic Tween (HELP ME!) I’m sure we’ll actually be packing a LOT more food to choose from for them. Neither of them are completely low carb and have far more choices in food than I do, so I’ll ask them to pick out things they want to eat as well. We just don’t do a lot of carb heavy snacks in our family anymore, so even IF they are not limited to low carb they won’t be packing sugary sodas or bags of chips because they don’t have them available to them.

Low Carb Snacking on the road

Will I eat EVERYTHING I pack?NO! I plan to be gone two days and one night and I’d like to keep my self happy and satisfied and part of that means I need choices YO! So I’ll pack a lot and then I can pick and choose. If you’re Gluten Free or Grain Free most of these ideas will work for you as well but do be sure to check labels for your specific allergy or restrictions. 

And what do YOU eat on the road when you’ve dietary restrictions in place? Or do you throw it all out the window? Or stick to it? I am curious! Plus I’m ALWAYS open to new foods to try!


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