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Low Carb Barbecue Sauce

I was recently sent some samples of Fruitchup, a new low carb ketchup sweetened only with fruits, not sugar or corn syrup and this is the way I’ve been enjoying it. Although I was sent samples to try out, I’ve got to disclose this as a sponsored post.

Low Carb Barbecue Sauce

If you’re new to the low carb regimen you may be lamenting the loss of Barbecue Sauce. Even if you’ve been in the game a while I bet you’re missing it as well, but no problem, I’ve got you covered. I’ve come up with a solution for all your Barbecue Sauce needs. This Low Carb Barbecue Sauce is actually Fruitchup based and because Fruitchup is already sweet with fruits with just a few additions you can make a perfectly tasty, no sugar added, Low Carb Barbecue Sauce. Your summer grilling just got better!

Sweetened with fruit only!

My friend Erika, friends before she ever started her business Not Ketchup, just came out with a new sauce called Fruitchup. Like Not Ketchup it’s sweetened with fruit only and doesn’t rely on refined sugars or corn syrup for it’s sweetness. When she sent me a sample of her Fruitchup I was so excited to try it because I’d been missing a thick, hearty ketchup. It’s only just slightly sweet and it perfectly compliments meaty burgers or meatballs


One thing I’ve been missing since going low carb is a good barbecue sauce! The commercial varieties are super sugary and completely off limits for me. I also tried a couple of homemade varieties with an artificial sweetener and I just couldn’t find one I liked. I’ll keep trying in that area but until then I’ll be HAPPY to keep enjoying my Low Carb Barbecue Sauce featuring Fruitchup.


Low Carb Barbecue Sauce

Yield: 2 pounds chicken

Low Carb Barbecue Sauce

Low Carb Barbecue Sauce

If you're new to the low carb life I bet you're missing Barbecue Sauce this summer. No worries I created a recipe for Low Carb Barbecue Sauce just for you!

Prep Time 10 minutes
Total Time 10 minutes


  • 1/4 cup Fruitchup
  • 1 tsp apple cider vinegar, experiment with other vinegars!
  • 1 tsp smoke flavor, start with 1/2 tsp add more as desired
  • 2 tsp olive oil
  • pinch black pepper
  • pinch garlic granules, or powder
  • pinch chipotle powder, *optional*


  1. in a small sauce pan combine all ingredients
  2. whisk over medium heat 2-3 minutes to fully blend flavors
  3. taste and add more smoke, pepper, garlic or vinegar as needed
  4. if you're not planning to use it right away store in the refrigerator if until ready to use
  5. to use: sparingly brush on grilled or baked meats 15 minutes before serving, continue cooking until your meat is cooked through


  • when using smoke flavor it's a good idea to add SOME and taste it, then add more if you like it
  • if you prefer you can add smoked salt for that smokey punch instead of smoke flavor but you'll be adding a bunch of salt to an otherwise fairly low salt recipe
  • chipotle powder is very spicy, add a pinch to enhance the smoky flavor but be aware of the heat it packs if you add a lot of it
  • use a variety of different vinegars to change the flavor, I like to add half balsamic vinegar, it really changes the flavors

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Low Carb Barbecue Sauce

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