It is definitely SPRING/Summer in Alaska! It hit 66˚ today and I thought I was going to melt, seriously I do not know how anyone deals with heat. We had a pretty big thunderstorm today too so it was pretty awesome. Can’t believe it’s FRIDAY already!


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 Welcome to the Friday Frenzy. Your place to share the best of your crafts and recipes on the web. What makes us so special? When you link up on one blog it is shared across 4 blogs simultaneously. Plus all links get pinned by the party hosts.


We’re making some changes to the Friday Frenzy

  1. From now on we’re asking that if you link up a couple of your favorite posts then PLEASE pin all of the featured posts from that weeks link up when you can–for instance if you plan to link up today you’ll need to pin the featured posts for this week when you get a chance!
  2. We want to add MORE hosts to increase the size of our party, so drop one of us a comment and let us know that you’re interested and we’ll figure out a way to make it work


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Our first feature this week is from the awesome Joy of A Vintage Green who gets right after my vintage loving heart by recycling and reusing many of her thrifted find in unique and interesting ways. Check out her awesome post featuring Mother’s Day inspired pieces.

Next up we’ve got our very own Kelly Lynn’s Spicy Mexican Chocolate Cookies. My husband loves heat and spicy foods so I’ve got these babies pinned for the next time he needs a snack for work, he will LOVE them.
Super Spicy Mexican Chocolate Cookies
And Julie from Cut off in the Keweenaw  had this old dresser, called a cheval, from her Grandmother’s house tucked away in her spare bedroom. Instead of completely taking the piece out, stripping it, and giving it the shabby chic treatment she simply reconditioned the wood, keeping the imperfections. It’s gorgeous as is Julie!