Welcome to the ALL new, ok fine not quite ALL NEW, but half new Friday Frenzy. We’ve got two new fresh hosts-Noelle from Opera Singer in the Kitchen and Kelly from Kelly Lynn’s Sweets & Treats!


Welcome to the Friday Frenzy. Your place to share the best of your crafts and recipes on the web. What makes us so special? Four Blogs means quadruple the exposure for maximum traffic.

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So let’s kick off our Friday Frenzy with with a little creative fun from Deanie’s Stash. She’s sharing how to make perfect speckled eggs and you won’t believe how easy and fun they are to make.

Next up is a post from our very own Rachel of Trampling Rose. GUYS Malted Milk Cupcakes with Salted Bourbon Frosting, someone make these for me stat!

Joy from a Vintage Green hit an amazing estate sale and some of her finds are so beautiful. Look at that pitcher, I know a hutch that would love to have that sitting in it…

And here’s a fun little craft that just about anyone can pull off in an hour. This sweet little Easy Felted Bunny can be made with an old felted sweater, the thin kind, save your thick ones for mittens. 


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