This is NOT a sponsored post–I just tried these and thought I’d share.

If you’re yearning for a taste of chocolate and you’ve been banned from eating it have you considered Sugar Free Chocolates? I hadn’t until the other day and then suddenly these Russell Stover Sugar Free Chocolates were in my cart, fancy that!

I haven’t had sweets or a treat or anything even remotely processed for weeks, since January 30th basically.  Making the switch was particularly easy for me because I basically outlawed large swaths of ‘food’. No bread, no chips, no crackers, no fancy coffee (not hard I hardly ever afford myself the luxury), no dining out, no beer, no granola bars, no starches period, end of story. I’ve just been very black or white about the whole thing. At first I was like I’ll give up everything but still have popcorn once a week but once I got my Ha1C and it was high I was like “nope, not doing that either”, that was a blow. Popcorn is life but not anymore.

I’ve seen lots of blogs using “carb free” sugars and the like and I just haven’t wrapped my head around that idea yet but the other day I was walking down the aisle at our new Fred Meyer store on my way to grab some milk and I saw the Sugar Free Russell Stover Candies. Now I don’t think I’ve EVER even glanced at those in my life but suddenly there they were. And they were on sale and I thought well hell I’ll take one for the team and try them. So I bought one of each kind that they carry. Chocolate Truffle, Toffee Crunch and Pecan Delight but looking at their website I see they have a HUGE selection, um wow. AND more importantly they have a few Easter selections as well, I know a couple type one diabetics who will be thrilled!

I’ve tried them all now, over the course of a day or two because you know if you eat too much of the sweetener it will give you intestinal discomfort. The official results? Read on.

Pecan Delight: My biggest hope was that I would LOVE these, of the three it was my least favorite, mainly because the caramel was tough. I’m sure it’s because it’s a sugar free candy and I’m expecting it to taste and act exactly like real caramel. It’s taste is fine, the caramel is just tough and it makes it unpleasant to eat because the chocolate blows off the whole thing when you try wrestle off a bite.

Chocolate Truffle: Biggest surprise of the bunch, smooth and chocolatey, and it hit that sweet tooth just right. I needed this in my life because I hadn’t realized how much I’d missed chocolate until I popped one of these in my mouth. I think perhaps these were my favorite just because they were simply chocolate.

Toffee Crunch: I love a good toffee and this one is actually crunchy and smothered in chocolate and oh so good. I still like the Chocolate Truffle better but I would enjoy a couple of these ANY DAY.

I know these aren’t high end artisanal chocolates but when you’re sugar free, low carb or diabetic and literally every bite is accounted for then they will blow your doors off. Two pieces come in at around 2 grams of carbs, the vary by variety obviously, so you could enjoy these even if you’re keeping your carb limit below 25 grams a day.


When I tried them my blood sugar did not spike the next morning, do make sure YOU see how they make your blood sugar react before making them part of your food plan.

This is NOT a sponsored post I just wanted to share my thoughts and views on something that other diabetics, pre-diabetics and insulin resistant folks might also enjoy. Or need, no judging here if you need chocolate you need chocolate.


Have your tried these? Are you willing to?