Hey friends–It’s time for the Friday Frenzy once again! I can’t believe I’m typing this, but it snowed today, and yesterday and it’s supposed to snow tomorrow too. Yes some people think spring starts on the Equinox but not here in Alaska! Snow! Yeah!

There’s going to be a bit of a shake up here on the Friday Frenzy–We’ve lost two of our hosts and we’re going to be adding 2 NEW hosts next week. We may change the graphic when we update our hosts so be looking for those changes NEXT WEEK. In the mean time do us a solid favor and leave a couple of your favorite links–new or old we love to see them because they inspire US!

Friday Frenzy New

Close to Home, Little House Big Alaska and Trampling Rose would like to welcome you to the FRIDAY FRENZY-where we come to share your Recipes, Craft projects, and whatever else you’ve been working on. When you link up to the Frenzy your posts will be featured on all three of our blogs for quadruple the exposure. Each week we will showcase a few of our favorites from the week before and pin them on our Friday Frenzy Pinterest Board as well. Please follow your hosts!
So we’ll start this week with a GREAT idea from ME (our very own Laura at Little House Big Alaska.) Know any kids obsessed with LEGO? The bambino most certainly is obsessed with them (I dare you to walk barefooted through my living room and NOT step on one!), and these DIY LEGO mats are a great surprise for any kid, as well as something with which to occupy them if you’re out somewhere.
And check out some of the vintage finds Joy shared this past week:
And how tasty do these Rustic Apple Cinnamon Sugar Scones look? I’d love a few of these for my next coffee break!
Share with us what you’ve been making!