My Best April Fools Day Tricks

My Best April Fools Day Tricks

I LOVE a good April Fools Day Trick, I really do, as long as I’m the one playing the trick. Obviously I’m joking, did I fool you? It’s so much fun to play pranks and wait for the unsuspecting recipient to be fooled. I’m not talking mean or destructive pranks, just fun, make you laugh pranks. Or make you believe one thing and then it turns out to be something else. I thought I’d share some of my favorites because I can never use them again in this house but maybe you can! This is an actual list of my best April fools day tricks, enjoy.

pranks I’ve pulled

  • when my boys were little I dyed the milk green for St. Patrick’s Day and that made them SO incensed because they thought it was a leprechaun playing tricks on them–so naturally I dyed the milk AGAIN on April Fools Day which was a good laugh for them
  • I also made a fake meatloaf out of cocoa crispies, with ice cream and butterscotch syrup for potatoes and gravy–at the same time I also made meatloaf in the shape of muffins and ‘frosted’ them with mashed potatoes–food fun! One more fun trickery food was a bowl of yogurt with a canned apricot nestled in it–looks like a sunny side up egg
  • once when my oldest was 10 or 11 I made no bake cookies and made it in the shape of dog poop and put it in his room–the crying and screaming that ensued was unexpected, especially when I picked it up and took a bite to show him it was just a cookie
  • the boys and I made a fake glass of spilled milk–simply glue poured on a piece of plastic wrap and left to dry in a spilled milk shape–then we placed it and cup on the table of our brand new (antique) treadle Singer sewing machine–that was a prank we were all involved in and we all got a good laugh especially my husband who was the recipient of the prank
  • a rubber band around the sprayer nozzle has gotten ME plenty of times and my kids LOVE the scream and gasp as the recipient gets a shot of cold water when they least expect it
  • when my oldest was younger and riding the bus to school, a friend used to come and catch the bus with him–when he was here they would dawdle SO much they’d often miss the bus–once April Fools Day I started the day telling them “I couldn’t drive them to school that day and they could NOT miss the bus because they needed to learn better time management skills blah blah blah” soon after I shouted “Hey the bus is coming, aren’t you guys ready yet?? COME ON! Oh No, THERE IT GOES!” You’ve never seen two kids freak out, run in circles grabbing gear and dashing out in the driveway dragging snowsuits, lunch bags and making a last ditch effort to catch the bus drivers attention…needless to say the bus was nowhere around and after they calmed down they laughed–it’s a favorite family story to this day
  • the last great trick we pulled was buying a car and picking it up on April 1st. I drove to school early for pick up and parked in the back row. After I picked up my kids and we walked outside I veered towards the Pathfinder and said “oh I think this is the car dad and I want to get, let’s look at it!” we walked over and peeked in it, then I popped the door open and looked in. At this point my boys were like “mom!! do not open that door, it’s not our car.” I replied “oh it’s FINE everyone KNOWS me here. I’m just looking.” Then I sat in the car at which point my kids literally freaked out and started shouting “I DON’T KNOW YOU!” and walking away. That was of course the perfect point to let them in on the secret.

Some good ground rules for pranksters:

  • go in for fun, never set out to hurt or humiliate friends and family
  • be ready to GET pranked right back, that’s when it’s fun, you set the tone for a good laugh and teach your kids how to take a joke in turn
  • work in a group to make your prank easier to pull of
  • always be ready to shout April Fools at the exact right time, right before the recipients get to any type of anger


What about you? Are you a prankster? What’s your BEST prank yet??

April Fools Day Pranks

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