10 Minute Succulent Dish Garden

10 Minute Succulent Dish Garden

I created a quick dish garden featuring succulents and you can make one too. It’s a quick and easy project that I’ll walk you through in no time at all. In fact in under 10 minutes you can make your own dish garden too! Make a 10 Minute Succulent Dish Garden for a friend or for anyone who needs a pick me up.
10 Minute Succulent Dish Garden

I’ve fallen in love with the succulent gardens that are all over magazines, DIY blogs and of course Instagram. They’re so popular I figured I’d just walk into Lowe’s, in the middle of the winter, in Alaska and find a huge selection of succulents and pick out as many as I wanted. Ha not so! In fact everywhere I looked I came up empty handed.

Until I found the best succulents of all.


Yes friends I found fake succulents at, where else? TARGET. They are in the home decoration aisles if you plan to run right out and buy some. Let me tell they were worth every single penny of the 15 dollars I spent because I am a house plant killer. Which I handily forgot when I decided I needed a succulent garden.

Watch my quick video

If you want to know how to put together a succulent dish garden in under 10 minutes watch this video–so easy!

Seriously the hardest part of the entire project was:

A) finding succulents

and very close behind that

B) figuring out what to “plant” them in

After you watch that video be sure to check out this quick little video I made on 5 different looks for your succulent garden. It’s two minutes long and quickly goes through how you can change the look of your dish garden easily.



Have you jumped on the succulent band wagon yet?

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