sunrise in AK


So it’s the new year and I’ve done my requisite stay up late, sleep late, eat rich foods and stay in pajamas all day routine. It was glorious! I never do all of those things at once so to mingle them and wallow in them felt good! Now I’m afraid it’s over but it was good fun while it lasted.

My youngest son and I are off on an adventure to Seattle for a day, barely a day really as we’re on the ground for less than 24 hours. But he has to go for a hospital visit and so we go and leave the rest of family here without us. I assume they’ll manage to feed the dog and take care of the chickens without me here to remind them. It’s cold here but I hear it’s cold in Seattle too so no reprieve for us.

I have a project planned for the new year, inspired by the latest edition of Taproot Magazine, which is one I look forward to finding in my mailbox, it’s stellar! I’m calling it the +one project, does it need capitals? The Plus One Project? The +One Project. Oh I like the last one, I think we’ll go with that. Anyway back to the The +One Project, each week I plan to gift a meal to a family in need, they may be sick, overwhelmed, tired, or just need a food hug, whatever the case, I plan to cook and give meals to people I know and more importantly the people I don’t know.



The +One Project needs YOU to help it succeed, this is for local folks more than anyone else, I’ll be looking for recipients and perhaps delivery help, if it’s someone you know and you have access to them. I have my first two families picked out for this week and the next but have the rest of the year open, so keep me in mind when you hear of family in need. I will be posting on my Facebook page when I find I don’t have a recipient. In the case of not having a recipient, I will be putting together a meal in a freezer bag, something premade and ready to heat and eat and then perhaps the blessing can be a basket of freezer meals for someone in dire straights.


My hope is that with friend’s help this project will fly. So please do keep me in mind when you hear of a friend in need, I’d love to include them in The +One Project. Happy New Year to you all near and far, make it a good one, be kind when you can.