This is totally a non political post in case you’re wondering.




The new reality in our life is that our youngest son is now an active Type One Diabetic. We received the rather devastating news last week after two oral glucose tests came back with elevated numbers at the 2 hour mark. He’s been in a medical trial for type one diabetes for two years now, taking a daily oral insulin capsule (or a placebo) that would hopefully stave off the progression of Type One.We kind of knew it was coming but we were doing everything we could to slow it down.

Three years ago I listened to a show on KSKA about TrialNet, who were currently testing as many close relatives of Type One Diabetics who might test positive for the autoantibodies that mark the onset of Type One. That sentence was a mouthful, sorry about that, it just didn’t seem like I could break it down. Anyway my oldest son is a Type One Diabetics and on a whim I decided to get myself and our two younger sons tested to see if we had these autoantibodies. It was a quick, relatively painless blood test at the blood bank in Anchorage and we were done, I practically forgot all about it.

Fast forward 4 months and two of us got letters stating that we had no autoantibodies. Our youngest didn’t get a letter but we just assumed it was lost in the mail and thought nothing of it. 2 months later we received a phone call with the news that our youngest had 4/5 markers for Type One Diabetes, he had a 75% chance of developing the disease in the next five years. Did we want to enroll him in their oral insulin drug trials. HECK YES, anything to slow down the progression.

We’ve had a Type One Diabetic since 2002, let me tell you this: if you think the teen years are tough, wait until you live through them with someone who has hormone issues beyond teen problems. It’s tough, worse than tough, it’s not something I EVER wanted to do again. And yet here we are, staring down the barrel of another Type One Diabetic Teenager.

I’m fine with it I think, at least at times I’m fine with it, the other times I want to kick something, or scream, or do something to stop this but at this point we’re pretty sure the only way forward is another insulin dependent Type One Diabetic. Yes, actually the only way forward is with an insulin dependent Type One Diabetic, I have to get used to thinking like that.

So new reality:

  • blood sugar checks
  • glucometers, sharps containers, glucagon
  • insulin injections
  • long term relationship with an Endocrinologist
  • (for me) moving more and working off that stress that’s silently eating away at me
  • (for me) lower carb meals and snack ideas

I have to say if you’re going to get diabetes, being diagnosed while you’re still barely a Type One is the way to go. My oldest son spent 10 days in Intensive Care trying to regain control of his blood sugar after we discovered he was Type One. Knowing SO early means we skip that scary part of the diagnosis and move right into a “how do we deal with this” scenario.

I think the only changes you’ll find here are more healthy living updates, more lower carbohydrate snacks and food, Type One friendly products and occasional updates on progress and life with a newly diagnosed Type One.