Welcome to the Friday Frenzy!

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Close to Home, Mostly Food and Crafts, Little House Big Alaska and Trampling Rose would like to welcome you to the FRIDAY FRENZY-where we come to share your Recipes, Craft projects, and whatever else you’ve been working on. When you link up to the Frenzy your posts will be featured on all four of our blogs for quadruple the exposure. Each week we will showcase a few of our favorites from the week before and pin them on our FridayFrenzy Pinterest Board as well. Please follow your hosts!
To start off this week, check out this printable from Cut Off in the Keweenaw, celebrating soup weather:
You can’t celebrate soup without a recipe, right? Check this Hearty Chicken Chili from our own Maria:
And from Laura at Little House Big Alaska, here’s how to fix a curd that doesn’t thicken the first time around:
Share what you’ve been up to this week!