Seeing Paris? So Easy with the Paris Passlib’

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We’ve been back from our big European trip for about a month now. I think I am finally back to real life too. Um, I’d rather be back in France just in case anyone is wondering. We did a lot of sightseeing while on the road, we also hung out a lot and just let the world pass us by, both were equally amazing ways to view a foreign country. I think our experience as sightseers and tourists were elevated in Paris because we used the Paris Passlib’. The Paris Passlib’ is an all in one pass that you pay for just once. It’s benefits are many, such as skipping the ticket line, pre-paid access to 50 sights in Paris and the extras that come with the pass like metro passes, a Seine cruise and a hop on hop off bus tour. If I ever go back to Paris, no WHEN I go back to Paris, I’ll be getting another Paris Passlib’ because in my opinion, there is just no other way to see Paris so effortlessly

Parisian Cafe Life

Parisian Cafe Life
oh you know just hanging out with Notre-Dame in the background–no biggie


Traveling with kids means you have to roll smoothly, standing in long lines with no end in sight can test everyone’s patience. With the Paris Passlib’ you breeze past ANY ticketing lines. You simply walk towards the entrance with your pass at the ready and scan for the little sign that says Paris Pass, which shows where to enter for pass holders, if you’re confused you can turn to any security guard and show them your pass and they’ll show you where to go. Usually you head towards a security line which aren’t that long and arduous, if there is a wait it’s usually less than 5 minutes, which is just enough time to make sure your bags and pockets are ready to be turned inside out for a security check. Skipping the ticketing line is one of the best ways to keep your cool traveling with kids.


Paris planning

Imagine traveling to Paris and having every major landmark, tourist destination and museum all available to you. Now imagine they’re all available to you AND paid for in advance. There is no scrabbling about for Euros to pay an entry fee, no wondering if your debit card will work, no dragging out the dreaded travel wallet from someplace better left mysterious, everything has been paid for in one fell swoop. The Louvre. The Orsay. Versailles. Chateau Vincennes. The Arc de Triumph. The Metiers. So many places to spend incredible moments with your family and because you can leave and come back again, if your kids get tired you can take a break and grab lunch or a coffee and come back to what you were looking at.


Now about getting out there and getting fresh air! When you get the Paris Passlib you ALSO get an unlimited metro pass which includes travel on the metros, buses, trams and the RER within the city center. THIS IS PRICELESS, especially if you’re a tourist from a small town in Alaska that doesn’t have any public transportation of this sort, because you will screw up your metro rides. You will get on the wrong train, you will head the opposite way in which you wish to travel at least once, and probably more than once. Having an unlimited metro pass means mistakes are no big deal, you can simply get off, figure out where you went wrong and get back on the correct train.


Two fun additions to the Paris Passlib, especially for kids, are the Seine river cruise which is a lovely way to see Paris differently, think you’ve seen Notre Dame and The Deportation Museum? Think again! And finally you get a pass to ride the hop on hop off Paris Bus. With two different routes and lots of stops at your disposal using the hop on hop off tour bus makes a lot of sense. Especially when traveling with kids, sometimes the metro can be stifling but a 10 minute ride on a double decker bus can be a refreshing way to move between sights. My kids marveled at the double decker buses and they loved being so high above the streets and the river, they felt like they were seeing so much more up there.


River Cruise on the Seine

But what did we REALLY see with our pass?

The Louvre


Louvre Pyramid

The Archeology Crypt at Notre-Dame


Archeology Crypt




Versailles(including the gardens, Grande Trianon, Petit Trianon and the Hamlet of Marie Antoinette),


Versailles at Sunrise



Arc de Triomphe

Arc de Triomphe

The Musée des Arts et Métiers


The Deportation Museum 

Deportation Museum




As you’ve read we truly enjoyed our Paris Passlib’ but I believe everyone would enjoy what the pass has to offer. One stop shopping for sightseeing, monuments, travel and tours, it’s a really convenient and handy way to see everything you and your family might want to see in Paris, with the ease of prepayment and line cutting built right in.




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