This Easy Custom Made Chalkboard Wall is such a simple DIY project I hesitate to even post about it but I have no shame so here it goes. I decided to share it because maybe you want a chalkboard too but can’t quite figure out how to squeeze one in? Or you can’t commit to the price tag? Or you can’t commit to that much wall space?

I’ve wanted a big chalkboard in my house for a long time yet I hesitated on buying one. I had a couple reasons for this, the biggest reason being limited wall space. We have a fairly small house, um hence the name Little House, and we have rather large picture windows, I love them but they’re limiting. So I couldn’t find a space to hang a chalkboard the size I wanted. And honestly I couldn’t afford the price tag on a chalkboard that size either. And to top off my ridiculousness I was completely unwilling to paint a chalkboard wall anywhere either, I just couldn’t commit!

So I set about figuring out how to make a big expanisive chalkboard or chalkboard wall happen. As soon as I did, I happened upon this


‘not a wall’ area at the end of our pantry cabinets. The spot was actually perfect and we needed to finish it anyway because we never bought the “finish panel” for the cabinets when we purchased our cabinets. I didn’t want to hang a chalkboard on it because of I didn’t want holes in the cabinet. And painting the end of our cabinets chalkboard black or green was out of the question though because what if we didn’t like it? Or we got tired of it later on? But what about a temporary semi-permanent chalkboard? When I asked my husband if we could try it he jumped right on the project as is so often the case when I propose something. And he made it work out beautifully!

Easy to Make DIY Custom Size Chalkboard

total price: under 35 dollars

total time: 1 hour dedicated work and extra drying time

materials we used:

  • thin plywood 5mm
  • sandpaper 150 and 220
  • rags for wiping
  • drop cloth
  • chalkboard paint
  • paint roller handle, smooth finish roller, tray and tray liner-or use brushes but your finish won’t be completely smooth
  • some way to attach the chalkboard to the wall we used binder clips but you could use  command strips or screws

figure out where you’re going to put your chalkboard, measure it, and cut your plywood to fit


sand the plywood with the grain–use the150 grit sandpaper, wipe clean, lightly sand again with the finer sandpaper and wipe clean

apply a coat of chalkboard paint using the roller or paint brush, let it dry and lightly sand with the 220 grit sand paper–repeat 2-3 more time letting it dry fully in between coats


testing out the binder clip theory–will it hold??

when you’re sure it’s dry and smooth then it’s ready to hang up–we used large binder clips at the top and bottom of our cabinets to hold it in place and then a few velcro dots in the middle just to make sure it didn’t crash down on us–use what you need to make it secure for your chosen area, this may be a picture hanging kit, screws, molly screws or whatever fits your home (and kids!)

most chalkboard paint posts tell you to scrub a piece of chalk all the way across it both ways and then wipe it off, to “prime” it so the first thing you draw on it won’t become indelibly inscribed on your board–every blog post says to do it–I didn’t do it (REBEL) and I’ve not seen hide nor hair of the first thing I drew on the board-if you’re worried “prime” it with chalk or be a rebel and know you might just have to repaint one more coat

One more note about chalk. I highly recommend this Mercurius Blackboard Chalk (amazon affiliate link!). It may be the reason my board was fine even if I didn’t prime it. It flows really well, it doesn’t have that tough weird coating like most commercially available chalk and you can layer on colors for depth and customs looks as well.