This is my final sponsored post for IFBC 2016.


These are just a few tips I try to follow at most conferences to make my brief (normally expensive!) time as prosperous, enjoyable and brilliant as possible. Do you have anything you swear by when attending conferences? I’d love to hear you thoughts!


  1. Home Screen Short Cuts/ Want to find YOUR website every single time you open your iPhone? Or any website actually! It’s so great when you want to show someone your site or pull up any of your site information. It’s super simple. Open the desired site on Safari, click the “share” button and this screen will openunnamed-1 then pick “add to home screen” voila on your home screen will be your site ready for quick access
  2. Add Friends on Snapchat/  I think Snapchat is one the hardest and most unintuitive apps I’ve ever used BUT I do use it. I actually LEARNED this tip at IFBC, my DUH equals YOUR GAIN! When using Snapchat in a crowd and you want to add all the cool new friends you’ve just met: click “add friends”—> “add nearby”—> “ok” when asked if you want to use your location—->make sure everyone you want to add has “add friend” open and start adding them as they pop up–This made adding friends SO easy.
  3. Be Inclusive/ When you’re at an event like IFBC there are so many writers, you know the kind that work really well, ALONE? Yep them. Many of them may know each other but there will be a fair amount of people (maybe just like you) who don’t know know anyone. Or don’t recognize you without 4 hours of photoshop and filters going on. So be bold, introduce yourself, include them, bring them along for coffee. Throw your net wide and scoop up as many people as you can. I’ve had it happen to me and I’ve done it a lot too, and you never know when someone who is shy or overwhelmed might turn out to be a great friend. I’ve never gone wrong when I’ve been inclusive, it’s only ever benefitted me in good positive vibes and dear friends and great connections!
  4. A Pinch of salt/–YES bring some salt, buy some salt, borrow some from somewhere, BUT SOAK YOUR FEET. They’ve been carrying you ALL day and they’ll need a good soak. Epsom salts would be the ideal but any salt will help ease achy feet. This is the one I SHOULD have done, normally do, and neglected in Sacramento–my feet paid the price
  5. Put Your Business Card Away/ You brought them for a reason but that reason is NOT to shove them at people. Those are the cards that mean nothing, when you haven’t made a connection but you’ve got a card. So make that connection, ask about the weather, where their from, why they decided to hit THIS conference and the like. THEN and only then is it acceptable to hand out a card. You’ve made a connection, chatted, it’s time to head off to the next session, hand out a card, ask for one too and then quickly jot down 1-2 pertinent bits of information on their card if you need to and tuck it away.
  6. Air Drop photos of You and Your Friends/ This is yet ANOTHER iPhone tip but I love it and use and if you have an iPhone you should too-it makes all those fun times you had with friends new and old easy to remember. Did you snap a shot of your friend carrying off a case of hard cider you were gifted? Send them the picture! Once you’ve taken the photo, open it in the photos app, select share from the bottom of the page and click on airdrop–anyone around you with an iPhone can be sent the photo. Now if they don’t have Air Drop open on their phone they just need to swipe UP on the screen and choose Air Drop and they should show up on your iPhone.
  7. Bring Your Suit/ Even if you don’t think you’ll have time to swim sometimes the most enjoyable thing you can do is take a quick swim or soak in the pool, of course if they have one that is. It can be a great way to relax, gather your wits, rejuvenate and be ready to do what ever is coming next.


now through the end of September for the low low low 95 dollar sponsored rate. The sponsored rate has been extended as organizers work to re-shedule the conference to move it away from Yom Kippur. SO giddy up and get over and snag up a sponsored ticket–you cant beat the price!


Every blogger who takes a discounted blogger rate for IFBC is required to write three posts about IFBC, the host city, conferences, the food, basically you name it, it’s good. This is the third in my series. As you can tell this was written 100% by me and these are all my own original thoughts.