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In July I had to take my youngest son back to Seattle for a Doctor appointment. As usual I was trying to plan something fun for us to do to make our trip a little more fun. He’s in a Type 1 Diabetes medical trial so he has to take a glucose tolerance test 2x a year to see how his body is handling sugar and to measure his pancreatic functions. He also takes an oral insulin pill daily as part of his medical test. The constant chronic worry about having ANOTHER T1D teenager is very real and incredibly stressful. He doesn’t quite understand it yet but he’s seen his older brother struggle with it as far back as he can remember and he knows how it affects our family life. The hormones in high and low blood sugars can send a teen over the edge, cause them to break down and cry at the drop of a hat, be moody and irritable and totally unpredictable. So add that on top of a normal teen and you can see why we NEED a little fun!


Ride the Ducks!

Well Ride the Ducks of Seattle (kind post sponsors!!) felt the same way and they graciously gifted us seats on one of their daily Seattle tours in a converted World War II DUKW. If you’ve never been and you find yourself in an area with Duck Tours book a tour! The Duck Tours are a lot of rollicking good fun, you won’t be disappointed! We weren’t!Ride the Ducks 2

This trip to Seattle also included my 12 year old, as well as my 10 year old and myself, just the three of us out for some fun in Seattle. And we found it!


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But why did I give them those duck calls?? Never mind about the duck calls because you have so much fun cruising Seattle AND Lake Union you won’t mind that everyone is honking on a duck call. Ride the Ducks of Seattle cruises through historic Seattle, the waterfront, past Pikes Market, up through Pioneer square and then across the Fremont Bridge to a boat launch in Union Lake. Yes, you drive directly into the water in your DUKW and take a cruise around the lake.

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The driver is not the tour guide, the driver is commercially licensed AND holds a United States Coast Guard Masters License and has to have a certain amount of boating experience as well.

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The Tour Guide is the heart of the tour though, while the driver keeps you moving, the tour guide keeps you grooving by encouraging everyone to get crazy funky and let their hair down. And it’s magical, people who don’t know each other at all, sing in unison, wave to strangers on the street and generally have too much fun. If you ever get to Seattle be sure to sign up for some crazy fun and get yourselves on a Ride the Ducks Seattle tour, you will not be disappointed!

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