Decorated Egg Cartons for Food Swap


I recently decorated a couple of egg cartons for food swap–I just spray painted them but I LOVE the way they turned out.

Decorated Egg Cartons for Food Swap4

My chickens are on strike, sort of. We’ve had a mama hatch out a batch of babies and every single other hen has decided she too must be a mama too, they’re all broody. Every nesting box has hens fighting over sitting on the nest, even IF the nest has nothing in it. I pick up eggs several times a day to keep them from sitting on them and getting more broody. I’ve given them high protein snacks, extra water, oyster shell, more grit, special treats, fresh vegetables, tree branches. You name it I’ve done it. And yet still we have broody hens. And now they’ve started molting which means we’re getting less and less eggs every day. I used to sell eggs but now I’ve let my customers go because we just don’t have the ability to guarantee eggs.

Last week before the August Food Swap my hens went a bit nutty and I did get a few dozen eggs out of them. Instead of selling them I decided to swap them at food swap because we haven’t had anyone with eggs for quite a while. I wanted to decorate the cartons a little, just to make them look swap worthy. I turned to my old pal SPRAY PAINT and gave them a quick top side coat.


Decorating Egg Cartons for Food Swap

I let them off gas for about 5 days to keep them from being to stinky and then I simply stenciled EGGS on the top.

Decorating Egg Cartons for Food Swap

I wish the stencils were a little smaller but overall I like the way they turned out. A lot. My kids did too there was talk of doing this to ALL our eggs cartons and as I looked at my stash of cartons I thought ‘no way in hell’ while my mouth said “wellllll we’ll see”

Decorating Egg Cartons for Food Swap

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