This is a sponsored post but it’s fun, I promise!


I recently attended the IFBC (International Food Bloggers Conference) in Sacramento. As food bloggers we were dazzled by new foods, new to us foods, farm excursions, a few decent sessions and we delighted in joy of reuniting with old friends and making new friends. Over the weekend I tried so many great things at the conference that my head was pretty well spinning by the time it was over. From Lamb Tacos, to Figs on Burgers, Grilled Endive Salad, Coraline, LLLemon Bars, Ciders, Wine and so much more.



One of the fun parts of the weekend was the Taste of Sacramento and the accompanying “gift suite” where sponsors supplied the group with literally piles of samples to bring home. Some I passed on, some I picked up and some I’m going to share with you.

These 5 products stood out to me, there were many more and I’m probably forgetting a few I loved!

  • La Tortilla Factory: I have a type 1 diabetic and a pre-type 1 diabetic to consider when I make dinner. These low carb tortillas are ABSOLUTELY going to change Taco Tuesday for everyone. If you care about carbs or calories these tortillas from La Tortilla Factory might be worth checking out.IFBC Product 5
  • Endive: EN-DIVE? or ON-DEEVE? Both members of the Chicory Family. En-DIVE is a curly bitter green. On-DEEVE is the a bud from the second planting of a Chicory Root. I toured an Endive Farm, the second pronunciation, got to see how it grows and even tasted it. If you love your salads a little bitter and full of flavor then Endive might be for you. You can grill it, roast it or eat in a cold raw salad.IFBC Product 2
  • About A Bite: Oh man this little bakery was right behind the hotel in Sacramento and it was also at the Taste of Sacramento. I’ve never tasted anything like their Rosemary Salted Caramels with rosemary caramel and rosemary salt. You can order them if you live in the lower 48 and you should because WOW so delishIFBC Product 3
  • Laura Chenel Marinated Cabecou: Tiny little buckets of goodness. We tried both the Jalapeño (lightly spicy) and the Herb Marinated. I can’t decide which I like better, I think I like them both equally. These are made by drying fresh chevre for a few days and then packing them in flavored oils and letting the cheese marinate. The flavors are a perfect pairing for the tangy but slightly more solid goat cheeseIFBC Products
  • Lilly’s Hummus single serves: Does anything scream more perfect for a quick grab and go lunch? I don’t thinks so! My husband saw these and said “oh lunchables for adults!” I laughed but then realized he was kind of right, just add a salad and lunch is done. Unfortunately these aren’t sold in Alaska, YET, but I’m working on them, I PROMISE. And yes that IS Chocolate Hummus but I didn’t get a chance to try it out-I heard it was actually good though.

IFBC Product 4

I attended the IFBC on a sponsored ticket which means writing about the conference is required but lets face it I would’ve written about either way! This is one of three sponsored posts I will be writing. Of course the opinions are all mine.