I have a thing for tin boxes, especially ones from foreign countries, I love the look of them, aged or not and I always want to buy them.  I’m not particularly speaking of the DAK Butter Cookie Tins, which seem to be everywhere, but rather funky ones from England or France with great graphics. I love them old or new and I’m always thinking about how I can actually USE them. Buying them “because I like them” without an intended use leads to hoarder style maneuvers, and our house is small enough without me making it smaller.

Last month I participated in Cookout Week and one of the sponsors was The French Farm, importer of all kinds of French goodies. We were told to peruse the catalog and pick out a couple of items to use in our cookout posts. I was all about making sure I made the Salted Caramel S’Mores happen so I went looking for a cookie and found this rather spectacular cookie tin with Breton Biscuits (butter cookies) in it.

Salted Caramel S'mores

The cookies made amazing s’mores AND as a bonus I had an amazing box to use. It will probably, eventually become a Christmas cookie tin but for now it’s having it’s own life full of flowers.

Fine, and weeds. I love to use weeds as flowers even the annoying invasive ones, they smell so good!


First I found a vessel to hold the oasis, the flower arranging foam stuff that holds flowers in place. I filled it with water, made sure it still held water, and looked nice in the tin. Checkmark yes to all three. The first time I filled it up I used lots of fresh flowers from around my gardens, mainly dahlias, marigolds and campanula and ferns for greenery. And some birch twigs the wind blew down to give it a little shape and interest.


The second time I arranged it I used all weeds, things I found in the ditch and growing beside our driveway. I have clover, the same campanula(it hadn’t died!), sweet clover, mountain asters, wild grasses and mountain ash branches. I think I’ll just keep filling it up until it snows and use what I find a round the yard and gardens.

Upcycle European Tin Cookie Boxes

I am loving the box I got from The French Farm but I also love this old tin I usually keep broken craft jewelry in just as well



Either one floats my boat. And the next time I find a cookie tin in the thrift store I know EXACTLY what I’m going to do with it and that means I can buy it. I’ll probably have to put a limit on myself because a license to buy can be dangerous.

What do you use old cookie tins for? I’d love more ideas, so I can use more tins. Oh dear I think we can all see where this is leading.

Upcycle European Tin Cookie Boxes