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Back to School Car Kit #ZiplocBackToSchool12I know it seems early to even THINK about back to school time but it’s coming sooner than you think. Our kids go back August 12th, which is right around the corner.  Keeping back to school season in mind, this Back to School Preparedness Kit featuring Ziploc® brand Bags and Containers will hopefully inspire others to pack a readiness kit in their car.

When my children were little, my car kit contained extra diapers, a change of clothes for each boy, a fresh shirt for myself, and kid friendly snacks. Then we changed vehicles and somehow my kit got destroyed or dismantled. Now that my kids are older, and we drive a whopping 30 miles back and forth to school each day, I created a Preparedness Kit for the car. The roads are well traveled by a lot of people, but I always like to be prepared, especially when winter temperatures can drop to 30 below for weeks at a time. It is always good to be prepared for any emergency situation.

Packing a car kit featuring Ziploc® brand Storage Bags was really easy to do and a lot of fun. I simply grabbed them all from the local Fred Meyer store while I was doing my weekly shopping.

Back to School Car Kit #ZiplocBackToSchool

You can see the variety of products I chose from.

car kit 2

I wanted my kit to be large enough to hold everything we might need in the event roadside assistance is called. You never know when you could slide off the road or break down in the cold winter months.


Here’s what my Back to School Preparedness Kit included:


  1. For us, snacks are pretty important.  We have a type 1 diabetic and a pre-type 1 diabetic amongst our three boys. I constantly worry about low blood sugar, so I always carry a sugary snack and something a little more substantial to fend off low sugars. We’ve got peanuts and caramels here because they store for a long time and they’ll stay fresh longer in Ziploc® brand Snack Bags
  2. Warmth is often just as important as blood sugar control, so hand warmers always come in handy. I’ve put them in a quart size Ziploc® brand Storage Bag to keep them fresh and ready to go.
  3. Next up, are some extra socks in case someone has to walk somewhere!
  4. I also added a headlamp and a multifunction knife. You never know when you might need those. Keeping them in an individual Ziploc® brand Bag helps keep them from slipping away.
  5. I added a phone charger and applicable cord. To charge it, you simply plug your phone into it. It is really great for when you can’t conventionally charge a phone. I placed these in a Ziploc® brand Snack Bag.



car care kit 3

All these supplies fit conveniently inside the Large Ziploc® brand Container. Their easy One Press Seal lid is easy to use, and easily slips into one of the many little compartments our truck has.

How do you use Ziploc® brand Storage Bags and Containers? I know I use them for lunches and leftovers but there are so many more great ways to use them! Check out Ziploc® brand on Facebook, Pinterest and YouTube and be sure to check out Ziploc®  for more great ideas and how to creatively use their products.