Patching with a POW!

and a WHAM!

By the time our littlest boy gets pants they’ve usually had to live through his older brother already. To say they are threadbare and well worn might be an understatement. They aren’t destroyed just pre-distressed if you will. I patch them and repatch them and he still blows them out. That boy is tough on his knees. I’m not complaining mind you, I’d rather patch a thousand pairs of jeans than have a a kid who never wears anything out, it means he’s out there playing and living life!

I came up with a fun way to spruce up his patched jeans and pants, Patching with a POW! I simply used some thrift store finds to make those used pants feel more fun. You will need an iron, some patching material, crayons or pens that write on fabric and a needle and thread. And of course you will need an onomatopoeia or two. BAM!

  • locate pants with holes in the knees

locate patching material–old pieces of fabric from jeans/pants too blown out to wear anymore

work great–store bought patches can be used too, they work quite fine

  • cut out your patch I use a double thickness of patching material so we have a bit of substance to work with, also use pinking shears if you have them, they help with the fraying aspect
  • round up your fabric crayons or pens

  • carefully write your chosen onomatopoeia on the patch, use the same one for each knee or chose a separate one for each knee

  • now you can highlight one side of each letter to make them stand out more or make a super outlined word to make it stand out–I used crayons for the words and a marker to highlight the letters
  • set the crayons/markers according to manufacturers directions–usually a quick sweep with a hot iron
  • then thread up your needle and sew those patches on–they will take a bit to sew down, maybe ten to fifteen minutes per patch? not long–I use good strong embroidery thread in wild colors to make them come alive–straight stitch first and then whip stitch once or twice around
  • present them to your wild boy and watch him make them come alive WHAM!    POW!

So easy to make the youngest of the bunch feel just as deserving as the oldest ones and SO CUTE.


Peace and Love–


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