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I got an email last weekend asking if KTVA, a local TV station, could interview me about Palmer Food Swap and this blog for the evening news. What do you say to that besides YES PLEASE. So once I said yes, I realized they were coming here, to my house, ha hahhahhaha   ha. Oh dear.

I commenced to cleaning my kitchen like a MAD woman, basically the entire main floor of the house got it, for several LONG days all I did was ferry children, volunteer at school, clean and have a slow mo’ wall slide freak out. The poor house barely lived through the onslaught and in fact I scrubbed the paint right off the in a few places, whoops! But on the day of the interview I was calm and cool and completely happy to be in my kitchen baking up a storm for the second Palmer Food Swap. If you want to see the interview it’s right here on their site, and I’m not embarrassed of it!

During the interview I made some Mini Hand Pies and some  Savory Puff Pastry Tarts, recipe testing in front of people, ack! I’m so glad I did a test baking though because as beautiful as the savory tarts were, they didn’t taste so great after about 4 hours, so I ended up taking only Mini Hand Pies.

I scored big time at the swap too. I came out with Chai Apple Butter, Cream Cheese Layer Pumpkin Bread, Dutch Apple Crisp with Caramel Sauce, Spiced Nuts, Vanilla Peaches and Birch Nut Granola. These are some talented people coming to Palmer Food Swap, I can already see I have to step up my packaging skills!

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