sing it with me now

All my bags are packed (lies)

The lists are made

Each line checked off (I WISH!)

As I go

And already I’m so excited I need to smile

Ok that was lame but it’s true I’m heading out to Eat Write Retreat soon and I’m running around making lists scratching things off, adding more, only to cross them off because I already did them. What did I forget? I can’t remember!

I’ve never left in June for a conference before and it’s a little disconcerting. At this time in the summer my feet should be so dirty from gardening barefoot that they’re unrecognizable but this year they’re clean, toenails painted because OHNO I have to wear sandals in front of notmyfamily. I also have 3 roommates I don’t want to disgust so there’s that too. Usually my garden is weed free, I’ve given up that dream and have run with the a few ‘weeds won’t hurt’ mantra, so far so weedy.

Leaving in June also means that I’ll be where it’s DARK at night and yet still warm, not sure how I’ll handle that one because we’re at 20 hours of light here right now. YOW! Dark nights mean chilly nights up here so that’s definitely a change for me. And finally my hair in humidity is going to be insane, it expands in volume, height and width when confronted with warm moist air. The heat is something I’d normally be worried about but it’s been so warm here the last month that it’s probably the least of my problems. And yes I’m packing rain gear too, ugh.

What is Eat Write Retreat? Oh good question, it’s a 3 day intensive program with hands on activities, FOOD, speakers, FOOD, workshops, FOOD and lots of inspiring people. It’s all built around making deep connections with other food writers and giving in-depth exploration of different topics. This year there’s a food swap which I’m excited to participate in and they’re even holding a time to get professional head shots done.

I’ll be sharing my food swap recipes here in the next day or two, one is edible and one is not but made from edible items. Curious?

Here’s a hint!