A post to share your thrifted finds, whether you plan to give them, keep them or sell them, share them here first.

Sometimes you find exactly what you want in the thrift store, sometimes you finds exactly what you need, sometimes you find squat and sometimes you run across things you didn’t even know you wanted or needed but once you see it you know.

Prime example here:

For Christmas our boys got one big gift to share and several smaller, thrifted gifts. One of the thrifted gifts was a tub of snap circuits and all the books for building a gazillion different projects. I purchased several smaller sets, one bigger set with the books and random pieces all year long to fill a tub. My goal was to give them enough pieces that they could both use them at the same time and not feel like the other one “was taking all the pieces” Epic fail, my kids will argue about who go the last brussels sprout so I don’t really know what I was expecting.

 The tub is great and well loved but as it goes with these things some of the modules were fragile and quit working after several weeks of intense use. I went to the website and the broken pieces were selling for 5 dollars and some were just plain not available. Darn. I looked them up and kind of decided “meh, we’re good for now, maybe I’ll wait for more pieces to break…”

And then I rolled up on this box in the thrift store, multiple pieces we needed, some replacements and others pieces we just didn’t have. And I got them all for 4 dollars. Considering each module sells for roughly 5 bucks and we got 19 of them I think I got a great deal.

I haven’t bought anything for kids in so long they were a little stunned when I plopped the box down in front of them one afternoon when it was too windy to play comfortably outside. Hours of not so quiet play ensued and many radios, alarms and music boxes were made.