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All words you can use to describe my thrift store finds this week. And I wouldn’t be offended if you agreed with me. Sometimes you find the A-MAY-ZING, sometimes you find swim trunks for your son who somehow grew out of his in the 4 months since he wore them. And it would be totally OK in most instances IF he didn’t have a pair immediately except that we’re taking a few days in Seattle next week and our hotel has a pool. So these happened

and I realized that my shirts are dingy, grungy, tattered or otherwise OLD so I looked for a few new-to-me tops. I think I can remake this into a tunic top.

This will be great for summer.

This one too.

And this top has giraffes on it, I like it a lot.

So there we are, the boring stuff that cost me less than 10 dollars and would have cost about 100 dollars brand new. I can live with that!

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