A post to share your thrifted(or thrifty) finds, whether you plan to give them, keep them or sell them, share them here first!

Well I survived a trip to Seattle with my two youngest boys. It was a full and fun trip, it always is! We go every few months because one of my boys has been found to have 4/5 auto-antibodies for Type 1 diabetes and he’s participating in a clinical trial there. This is the first time we traveled with the other boy and added a few days on to our trip.

We decided to really do our trip right and see as much as we could, with that thought in mind I turned to the Internet. Right away I found City Pass which is an awesome way to see some of the major sites of some major cities in North America. Basically you pay one lump price online or in person and get tickets to a varied amount of attractions.

I hemmed and hawed over the price, wondering if we would actually get to everything in our short time frame, once you use it you only have a certain number of days to visit all the attractions. What finally sold me was the that price cut, seriously to go to al the attraction it would have run us about 300 bucks and with the pass is was only 170 for all three of us. I knew I’d spend almost 170 going to the things we really wanted to see like the Space Needle, the Aquarium and the Pacific Science Center. So that meant that a visit to the Zoo (amazing) and the Harbor tour we’re simply cream on the top and if we missed them oh well.

We didn’t end up missing them, even with a late night ER trip for one boy who caught his thumb in a door and tore off his thumbnail, we still made our way to the zoo the next day and saw animals that I didn’t think I’d ever get to see, like gorillas and giraffes. One added bonus of the City Pass program is that you straight to the front of every line, no waiting to BUY tickets because you already HAVE them. In some cases we had to wait in a line to turn our passes into timed entry tickets (space needle) and some places still made us wade through a LONG line because they don’t HAVE to let you cut to the front(Pacific Science Center, I’m looking at you!)

All in all it felt like we got a very fair deal for our money and we had extra money leftover so we could buy little souvenir bits if we wanted to. My kids are cool, they quickly realized that everything at every store was the same and it caused them to search out new different items. One got a jelly fish that lights up and goes up and down in water and the other one got a plasma ball, yes he had to carry it in HIS bag on the way home too.

Because I didn’t get out thrifting at all this week I thought I’d share what we DID do. I was paid nothing for my review of the City Pass program, in fact they probably don’t know who I am. I just think it’s a fairly thrifty way to see a LOT of sites for one low price.