I have an affliction, I can’t walk past the marked down fruit bin at the grocery store with picking out all the good stuff. Already have 3 pounds of apples in my cart? WHO CARES THESE 3 COST A DOLLAR! Bananas a whole bunch for a dollar? Giddy Up, I’ll make banana bread! It’s just an easy way to spread our food dollars a little farther.

Since going Whole30 in February I found it hard(er) to make baked goods like banana bread and apple crisp without tasting them once their done or even the batter for that matter. There I said it I’m a finger licker. So while I was finding bang up deals on fruit I wasn’t using them as fast as I wanted or needed to. Finally I pulled out my old friend the dehydrator to come to the rescue because while I couldn’t eat apple bread I COULD nibble dried apples. Now inhaling 4 pounds of dried apples is no ones idea of a perfect whole30 but carrying a bag of dried apples to stave off hunger while running errands is a perfectly legit idea.

To make super simple dried fruit you need fruit and a dehydrator. If you’re worried about discoloration use a simple lemon juice in water dip but because I wasn’t going for a beauty prize I skipped it. I’m also lazy about things like that and I don’t like the sour tang it can give fruit.

I’ve done apples and bananas and it’s basically the same “technique” if you can even call it that.
Wash the fruit
Slice the fruit–about 1/2 thick
Dry the fruit–I dry until it’s reduced by about 1/2

Did I say it was simple? I think the hardest part of the whole thing was coring the apples and that’s not even hard.

In my big dehydrator I ran it full fan on the highest temp which is 155˚ I believe and after an hour or so began rotating the bottom rack to the top and just cycled through the racks making sure every one got a while on the bottom. After 6-7 hours they were done, for me done was leathery and when they cooled they became slightly crunchy in spots. Your actual drying time will vary because you should dry your fruit to the level of done-ness you prefer. I like the banana chips to be completely crispy when I take them out because I like the snappy crunch. You can also peel the apples if you prefer to but you certainly don’t have to.