A place to share your thrifted finds, whether you keep them, sell them or give them, share them here first!

Back in December I joined up with the Reverse Advent Challenge that StreetBank was putting on. It was a pretty simple task, give something away every day of Advent, I ended up donating about 38 bags of stuff, which put a dent in our household stuff load. I think what I did was akin to losing the “fluff weight” you lose really quickly at the beginning of a diet, poof it goes so quickly and feels great. Then after the fluff weight is gone you get down to serious business of losing the weight that’s been around for along time. It doesn’t care to go away so nicely, in fact it is fighting for its metabolic life (as my doctor put it) it wants to live and you’re trying to kill, it so it’s going to make it harder to lose it. At this point in the diet you have to dig deep and keep on keeping on, you can’t give it up. That’s where I am in our clutter diet, I have to dig deep and find the stuff that’s been kept for some reason, figure out if the reason I’ve kept it is valid and if I NEED this stuff.

I thought a little inspiration might be in order so I joined the 40 bags in 40 days of Lent challenge. I didn’t sign up or join any group I just decided that I can do this too, and I am. Except it’s harder this time around, I gave away a LOT of the easy stuff last time, the annoying things in my way or sticking out like a sore thumb, those were so easy to donate or give to someone who needed them. Now I’m getting down to the things that aren’t bugging me but I know I don’t use often enough to keep, or things I’ve kept for sentimental reasons. This is the hard stuff to let go of, the ice skates from when I was 14, I don’t wear them they’re too small but I’ve kept them for 30 years. Why? Sentimental. Dishes I’ve bought and loved but have too few to do anything with? GONE. Magazines my grandmother loved and passed to me, I’ve kept them but now they’re heading out to other houses to inspire other people.

It’s the next level for me on the declutter trip we’re on and it’s a tough one. I decided to throw in some NON “stuff” items to make it a little less painful. I’m going to comb through my digital pictures and trim down my library to make it somewhat manageable. I’m going finally get to the bottom of my email inbox and truly delete everything in it, I’m close but it’s still above 200. I think I’ll finally get rid of all the email subscriptions I receive too. These things aren’t tangible clutter but they’re there lingering on and muddying up the clarity, so they have to go. My cookbooks could use a trim down, I need to cull personal care items, our game closet is hideous, these things aren’t sentimental and they’ll be considerably easier to clean out than things inherited from family members so they’ll be mixed in with the tough jobs.

Those are 4 of the 6 Bags/Boxes I’ve gotten rid of so far. I’ll be working on getting another bunch of boxes together this week so I can stay on track. I think our house is going to look and feel a lot better once the 40 days are up. I know everything will be better once Lent is up, my husband is Orthodox and once we finish up Whole30 he’s rolling right into Orthodox Lent (I join him in solidarity but not completely) and it. is. tough. So by the time we finish it will be spring, we won’t have had free choice in food since the 2nd of February and out house will be feeling light clean and fresh. I kind of can’t wait but I’m going to try and enjoy the journey at the same time.