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Looking back I should have posted these last week but I was so overwhelmed by the whole ‘matching dishes’ post that I didn’t even think about these glasses and how well they would have fit right into that thrifter share. So instead I’ll just share them now, on this thrifter share. Clever, I know.

I don’t like wine, I don’t drink wine so it made sense in my mind to not have wine glasses. Except as a hostess that’s a seriously inconsiderate and bold move to make. What if some amazing guest brings wine? What then?

 “Oh here just drink out of this jelly jar, it’s all good, really”


So when I saw these

on the local yardsale group on Facebook I thought they were a good idea and a great price, yet I promptly forgot about them. When I finally caught up with that post again the person selling them had changed them to free, which is an even sweeter price, right? So I got these, a few pour spouts(?) and a couple bottle stoppers for free. Nice score, now when friends come with wine I can give something a little nicer than a jelly jar.

I am not disparaging jelly jars for general drinking purposes, we love them and use them almost exclusively because you can buy a matching set for about 10 bucks when one of you three boys drops and break one too many! Gee sounds like I’ve had boys for while, eh? Yep, 22 years!