How to Hard Boil Fresh Eggs so They Peel Nicely

Anyone who has laying hens will LOVE this trick for hard boiling fresh eggs and getting them to peel nicely, yes I’m talking to you chicken lady, you can now serve deviled eggs.


I have to thank my friend Regin for this one, she’s a keeper that one! She was talking about her new to her flock of chickens, her coop, the eggs and then… boiling eggs, I think I snorted because we all know what a PAIN peeling fresh eggs can be. For those who don’t know, fresh eggs can be treacherous to peel, they chip, the white tears off with it and you end up with half the actual egg going out with the shells. UGH.


But my friend Regin said “steam them” and I had to try it. I’ve tried a LOT of the ‘never fail methods’ and even wrote about here. Every single one of the things I’ve tried can be considered NULL AND VOID in the face of steaming fresh eggs to make them peel easy.


I came immediately home, put the morning’s eggs in a pot fitted with a steam basket and let them steam for about 20 minutes, give or take a few. I cooled them in cold water and peeled one, the shell I kid you not, came off in about 15 seconds in 3-4 big pieces. IT WORKS.



I think you could use a steamer, a rice cooker that has a steamer insert or even use a metal colander in a big pot. You want a lid that fits well, water that doesn’t touch the steam basket BUT covers the bottom of the pan and remember to add extra water to keep the pot from boiling dry. I brought the water up to a good strong boil then reduced the heat to around medium high, enough heat to produce steam but not enough to boil that pot dry.

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