Right as I made the decision to give February over to a Whole 30 challenge wouldn’t you know it a box of the crunchiest, tastiest granola arrived on my doorstep. I opened the box and it seriously made me reconsider starting wholewha? Since I was ALREADY committed and had the husband on board I went ahead with my plans to go Whole30 but not before snitching from each of fabulous flavors they sent. Well except ONE which I saved and have continued to save from the children who never stop eating, I have plans for a nice big bowl of granola and yogurt early next week. I’m already dreaming of it.

I was sent 4 nice big bags of Golden Girl Granola to sample and because, as I already mentioned, I have the children who never stop eating, I was glad to have something new and (shhhhh!!!) healthy to offer them. I received Forest Maple, Home Sweet Honey, Truly Tropical and Chocolate Decadence and immediately sampled 3 of them because I knew what the next day held. I put the Chocolate Decadence away on the very tippy top of the pantry to wait until March 3rd which is conveniently just days away, in my book anyway!

My kids, by now, are by far better samplers than I am, they can find things I don’t notice or that appeals to kids. Like in the Truly Tropical Granola they marveled at how many cashews were in the bag and were actually surprised to find real dried mango in there too. And in Home Sweet Honey they could actually taste honey not just honey flavoring but real honey. Something I noticed and found refreshing was a hint of salt, not salty, but it’s there backing up the sweet and doing what salt does, adding depth and enhancing flavors. My boys enjoyed all three varieties just about equally except one was more smitten with the cashews in Truly Tropical, I don’t blame him.

The boys both had bowls of yogurt and granola for snacks after school or put right in their lunch boxes while I enjoyed celery. That’s a lie I didn’t enjoy celery but they did enjoy granola at every possible moment, like directly after a filling and nutritious meal, bedtime snack, elevenses, high tea, low tea and any other occasion that can be made better with food.

SO while I toil away on a Whole30 I thought maybe you might want to enjoy Golden Girl Granola for second breakfast? I can help!

I received product for this giveaway and no other compensation.