A post to share your thrifted finds, whether you plan to keep them, give them or sell them, share them here first.

Finally a new thrifter share, out with the old and worn out Christmas post and in with the shiny NEW YEARS POST. Here’s hoping we still have a few thrifters who want to link up and share after the long hiatus of (it was hibernating!) Thrifter Share. I tried valiantly, in between kids, dogs, cats, vintage shiny brute obsessions, prime rib, wrapping paper shreds, the Hobbit and 87 dozen Christmas cookie to visit each linked post AND pin from it. Thank you for ALL the links and the shout out and the shares, we had almost 30 posts linked up. AWESOME, lets do it again!

My penchant for getting rid of things has not let up, I have filled one more bag with stuff to go and I have the last of the 30+ boxes sitting in my basement waiting for it to not be ZERO degrees outside, it’s need to be a tad warmer before I spend any extra time out with the door open. So I fill boxes and bags and I wait for it to warm a little and also let my kids go to school so I can slip things past. Nothing of their own of course (ha!) but every item it scrutinized “why are you getting rid of that perfect (read hideous vile “creative”) wreath mom, it’s so amazing?!?” Seriously something could be slumped in the corner of our basement and as soon as I pack it up to go away it’s AMAZING and the best “thing” ever, I can’t win with these people. So it stays until they go and then off the last of the boxes go and then space, fabulous space!

I hopped on ebay for a quick second, because nothing is worse than trying to rally excitement from two kids who’d rather do anything than go to a thrift store with me and I needed a hit of thrifting excitement, and snagged some new to me foot ware. First up fringed Minnetonkas, though I love them they do not scream love me like the other pair I own so I may just sell them and move on. I think I can’t wear the boots in slip on and I need the ones that tie, personal preference on them and not a fault of the boot at all. 

Next up Toms. I love these and they make up for the Minnetonkas. 

I also somehow made it out of the house in my carbohydrate haze and hit up the thrift store by myself. Actually I was getting a deep conditioning hair treatment (beauty college has a screaming deal on their beauty club which allows the members to get unlimited deep conditioning and waxing) and my husband texted me saying go do something alone for a while, he must have seen the “I’ve been cooped up with sugared up children” look in my eye. So I ran to the thrift store, I’m que predictable, non? I found this Brookstone scale. 

I want a digital scale, it will make measuring caloric intake so much easier, but I’m not sure I want THIS digital scale. I’m going to need to do more research and see if I can use it without being connected to my phone, does it just measure or do I need to run it through my phone? Once I figure it out I’ll decide to keep or sell. I know they sell for a pretty penny so I’m sure it will go quickly on ebay. 

And have the thrifting gods been benevolent? DO TELL! Link up your thrifting post and then go visit your fellow thrifters and if yoou like what you see pin it or leave a comment, this isn’t about just fly by dropping a link it’s about supporting the thrifters just like you.