We’re having another snowless winter here in Alaska, no snow day fun for us! Funny how few of those we’re had in the last decade isn’t it? Well, maybe not funny to anyone in the Lower 48 because I believe you’re getting the brunt of Alaska’s winter force, instead of us. What’s an Alaskan Blogger to do? Well, share her favorite ways to spend a snow day and then update it year after year. Here’s a recent update of an old post-Snow Day Fun from way back in 2011 when we were snowless, I’ve updated it each snowless winter so it just gets better and better. So I thought I’d share some of my “keeping busy on snowy, too cold to be outside, stuck at home days” tactics. I haven’t had to employ a lot of these of late, but I have them to share. I’m sure one or two might come in handy.




Put the Duct Tape Away-Grab More Coffee-Have a Great Day because School Closings can’t be avoided

Snow Day Activities With Kids

perfect for fun indoors or outdoors on a snowy day

  1.  dig up a recyclable dish soap bottle, fill it with water, add some food coloring and go draw in the snow!  for the love of all that is holy don’t give them yellow food dye
  2. start building a leprechaun trap, those little guys come back around the first of February and boy they’ll try every trick in the book to rob you blind
  3.  why not recycle some puzzles with missing pieces into magnets? they make great presents to have on hand
  4.  make homemade reese’s cups, so good and easy to make, kids can help every step of the way
  5.  use duct tape and a box to build a mailbox for your house, mail love notes, valentines and maybe even secret admirer notes…
  6.  get out the scissors, glue, and paper and make valentines with your kids
  7.  if you have any wax and wicks in the house, consider making candles 
  8. do you know how to knit, crochet or hand sew? why not share that knowledge with your kids?
  9.  have fun with veggies 
  10.  teach your kids to shovel, it’s good for them and then they can do it again and again!
  11. dig out old wool sweaters and make mittens!
  12. whip up some snowman soup, snuggle in a read some good books
  13.  make tasty dried fruit, it’s so easy
  14. dig out the playdough or make your own
  15. build a fort in the living room
  16. host a Snow Angel Competition or just play in the snow
  17. build snow forts outside
  18. bring in a tub of snow for little ones to explore in the kitchen
  19. make hot chocolate or my snowman soup
  20. Make these Texas Sheet Cake Cookies and no one is disappointed!

What to do on a snow day without kids:

  1. start a rag rug, use old clothes that are never going to be worn again, tear into strips and start braiding, it’s fun
  2. declutter your house
  3. SLEEP–you’ll notice there is no link for this, um yeah I’ve had kids for 18 years now, there is no rest for the wicked, er parents
  4.  upcycle and repurpose for nifty storage
  5.  shovel so you can eat that pudding
  6.  going going going green, so many simple tricks to get started
  7. make a cool heart garland
  8.  plan a summer garden
  9. shovel some more so you can make these Twix-tacular Knockoff Bars

I’m sure if I didn’t have kids at home I’d spend the majority of my time sleeping, shoveling and eating. Repeat. Repeat.

A few tips on surviving Snow Days at home with or without kids!
  1. don’t use a gas grill in the house NEVER EVER GRILL IN YOUR HOUSE
  2.  keep fresh water on hand, you will want it and need it, fill the tub with water
  3.  if it’s really cold consider leaving water dripping in sinks, this will help keep pipes from freezing
  4.  keep candles, matches, and flashlights where you can easily find them but out of reach of kids, undoubtedly the power will go off as soon as it is dark out and you’ll have NO idea where any candles are
  5. smile, weather cannot be avoided


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6 thoughts on “SNOW DAY FUN”

  1. Love this list! NEVER EVER GRILL IN THE HOUSE, eh? 🙂 Did you find this one out the hard way? When you guys had to crawl on the floor like soldiers to avoid the harsh smoke fumes?

    But really, I'm going to try a lot of these tips out even though I live in warm and sunny Florida.

  2. Love the recycled puzzle piece idea…we have random bits of little toys and games and puzzles that would make cute Valentine's treats. I'll tuck that away for our next rainy day activity.

    And leprechaun traps? Might have to try that–or maybe recycle bin fairy houses…

  3. We are having a stay at home day, as we received 13 in. with much higher drifts, can't get out! I've been decluttering:)


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