You guys know we love LOVE LOVED The McGunnegal Chronicles and we’re entirely sad to have finished the all three books in the Strange Land Trilogy but have you tried them for yourselves? They are some seriously wonderful kids adventure stories with other worlds, goblins, giants, leprechauns and kids, oh and did I mention adventure?!? Great for reading aloud or reading to yourself, or a little of both, the stories have something for everyone. 

I had a chance to talk to the creator of The McGunnegal Chronicles, Ben Anderson, he’s been a supporter of Hey What’s for Dinner Mom for couple of months now, and not only did I ask if we could giveaway a FULL set of the his books but I asked if he was possibly, maybe writing another book. He answered YES to both questions! I’m not sure if I’m more excited about giving away AMAZING books OR the fact that there’s another book coming. 


Since I don’t have a LOT of details on the new book, only that it will hopefully be out next Christmas, lets just get down to brass tacks, the giveaway. One lucky winner will win The McGunnegal Chronicles The Strange Lands Trilogy books 1-3, 3 books in 1 one big delicious book. 

Use the widget to enter and good luck!