Too tired to think straight, I’ve been in the kitchen or near it for 16 hours. Needless to say my day will roll smoothly tomorrow with 95% of the work already done, all I have to do is relax, drink coffee and eat. I thought I’d just do a quick “my day in numbers” post because I can’t do anything else. Well I did write a haiku this morning which I’ll share with you at the end of this post. Feel free to leave your Thanksgiving Haikus in the comments, the syllables go 5-7-5 if you need a reminder.

three-the number of times I swept the kitchen floor

57–how many trips the squirrel made to the apple tree hauling off bits of apples we didn’t pick especially so the wild ones could have a feast

57–the number of failed plots by cats too lazy to haul their butts out the cat door and stop the squirrel 

eight-the number of windows I washed with the best window washing technique EVER, seriously I have 3 huge picture windows and they are absolutely squeaky clean

5–our desserts for tomorrow, 2 pumpkin rolls, Chess Pie, Apple Pie and Pumpkin Pie

14–good ideas from friends on Facebook for one extra pie crust I happen to have quiche, mini quiche, mini pecan pie bites, pot pie bites, turkey pot pie and a pirok—yeah my friends are pretty damn good at eating!

4–pounds of butter thawed and used today

2–how many turkeys I wrangled today

1–Haikus written 

defrosted the bird
discovered bird was skinless
I remember that
0–number of homegrown turkeys remaining in the deep freeze after I discovered I’d thawed the one bird we skinned–I don’t remember exactly why we skinned it but I think I got overzealous when we were plucking them and scalded the skin with the hot water, I’m just not sure but there it was staring at me as I unwrapped it, one skinless bird, which will just not do for Thanksgiving 
five–the number of times I contemplated just cooking a pan of stuffing with skinless turkey and hot gravy over it, pretty sure it would have been delicious but in the end I pulled another bird and dropped it in the brine, shhhh don’t tell the USDA or the Home Economists at the Cooperative Extension Service, pretty sure they frown on thawing turkeys in water